1851 Franchise Featured in New Orleans City Business
1851 Franchise Featured in New Orleans City Business

With the help of 1851 Franchise and BoeFly, new data sheds light on the state of franchising in New Orleans.

While the franchising industry is growing in New Orleans, the city is still a little below average in the franchise lending scene, according to 1851 Franchise Publisher Nick Powills and his innovative Franchise Finance Index tool.

“This information helps give an opportunity seeker perspective about how they compare to their peers,” said Mike Rozman, CEO of BoeFly, which makes business loans.

New Orleans franchisees in February reported lower retirement savings and liquid assets than the nationwide climate.

“It doesn’t mean the lending is not there; it just means the numbers are slightly different,” he said. “As we look at what brands are expanding in New Orleans, there is still growth that is on par with major cities.”

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