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Detailed and Creative Approach to Website Development Allows No Limit Agency to Tap into Unrealized Potential and Boost Majestic Star Casino’s Online Presence

Majestic Star tapped into No Limit Agency’s creative and digital teams to design a new consumer facing website for the casino and its high-end amenities.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 11:11AM 08/17/17

When Majestic Star Casino first opened up its doors for business in 1996, it set out on a mission to bring the elegance and class of a Las Vegas casino to Gary, Indiana’s up and coming market. Today, two decades later, it’s clear that the brand’s efforts have been successful.

With more than 1,900 slots, a selection of numerous upscale restaurants and a hotel with views of Lake Michigan, Majestic Star is consistently setting a new standard for the casino landscape in Gary and the neighboring Chicagoland area. But in order to maintain its position at the forefront of the booming industry, the brand has to present itself to prospective guests as a casino that’s ahead of the curve. So in an effort to boost its online image, the brand turned to No Limit Agency for help.

“After taking a look at our digital footprint, we realized that our website was incredibly outdated. From the color schemes to its ability to be responsive, we were missing a lot of the key elements that make consumers want to engage with a company,” said Alex Salinas, Majestic Star’s advertising manager. “Because we had hundreds of guests interacting with our site on a daily basis, we knew that this was a project that needed to be turned around quickly. We were also working within a certain budget, so we wanted to partner with a web development team that could be creative within our financial framework. As soon as we saw what No Limit Agency had to offer, we knew we found the right team. And even as we continue to make updates to our new and improved website, they’re still exceeding all of our expectations.”

Majestic Star tapped into No Limit Agency’s creative and digital teams to design a new consumer facing website for the casino and its high-end amenities. NLA worked closely with the brand to determine what they wanted and how they could make it a reality, starting with the overall branding that they wanted to project to consumers.

“After several conversations and meetings with the Majestic Star team, we were able to get a feel for what their brand is all about. We realized that they were looking to channel the luxurious atmosphere that’s evident in traditional Las Vegas casinos, so we used that theme in everything that we designed,” said Ahmad Yilmaz, No Limit Agency’s senior creative manager. “We created two different options for the new website—one was meant to play it safe, and the other pushed the envelope in terms of its Las Vegas vibe. They chose the latter, and we got to work turning the project around.”

No Limit Agency started with the consumer facing side of the website. Beyond creating the overall look and layout that laid the foundation for Majestic Star’s new online presence, NLA also ensured that every image and link associated with the site fit into its new theme. That meant creating brand new graphic assets and updating the website’s copy. No Limit Agency even sent a photographer to Majestic Star to capture unique images that specifically aligned with the website’s new design.

But No Limit Agency’s work on this project didn’t stop there. In addition to building the aesthetic of Majestic Star’s website from scratch, NLA went above and beyond to ensure that the back end of the site was both operationally sound and easy to navigate. That meant moving Majestic Star from an older and more complicated web development tool to WordPress, and ensuring that its design was compatible with mobile devices.

“We couldn’t be happier with the website that No Limit Agency created for us. They checked off every box on our wish list, and even took our original ideas to the next level. Switching over to WordPress, for example, has been incredibly helpful on our end—it’s easy for members of our team to navigate the back end of the site without having to be fully versed in IT,” said Salinas. “This is definitely a huge improvement over what we were doing before, and we’re able to see the positive impact that our new website is having first-hand. We’re reaching more customers than we were in the past, which means that we’re realizing the number one goal that we set when we decided to take on this project.”

As digital trends continue to evolve, Majestic Star is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the bustling casino industry. That’s why the brand still turns to No Limit Agency when it needs to make updates to its website. Since first launching the consumer site, NLA has made adjustments to the navigation bar and enhanced its “Calendar and Promotions” page to make it simple to edit on the back end. And Majestic Star plans to continue working with the No Limit Agency team for any future updates going forward.

According to Yilmaz, it’s that comprehensive and thorough approach to tackling website development projects that makes NLA’s website development process stand out.

“When we bring a client on board to create their new website, we really go the extra mile to learn the ins and outs of their brand. Our goal is to create an overall design experience that’s the perfect combination of design and function—we consider every aspect of a website’s structure,” said Yilmaz. “That attention to detail allows us to see projects all the way through, even as updates are made down the line. We mean it when we say that we’re a full-service agency, and we’re eager to continue working with brands that are looking to improve their digital presence.”

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