Five Reasons CMOs Should Look at No Limit Agency
Five Reasons CMOs Should Look at No Limit Agency

No Limit offers brands a full-service agency that can cater to any of their needs

When a franchisor is looking to market its brand, it may hire a marketing firm, PR agency, social media team and a number of other agencies to get the job done. But hiring too many agencies can cause confusion and a brand’s marketing efforts could go to waste from spending more than they need to. The solution? Full-service agencies.

A full-service agency allows chief marketing officers the opportunity to take a step back and look at the whole picture to help them build their brand. One of those premier full-service agencies is No Limit Agency.

Where some agencies may simply concentrate on one aspect of public relations or marketing, No Limit Agency handles all forms of communication for franchise brands to achieve optimal results. It consults and leads a brand’s PR, marketing, advertising, social media and digital efforts internally so that no strategy is put into a silo. Each aspect is connected to provide a brand with a one-of-a-kind marketing experience. No Limit Agency’s Chief Brand Strategist Nick Powills said the main goal of the agency is to provide a hybrid and seamless communications efforts for clients.

“From an organizational standpoint, it’s more cost-effective for one company to deal with the different aspects of marketing, that way there is less overhead,” Powills said. “We are all working together to provide a quick turnaround time for brands, and if we understand a brand from a PR, marketing and social standpoint, we can help align their vision and achieve consistent results.”

No Limit Agency offers a number of services for brands to make sure they stand out in their prospective industries.
Public Relations
No Limit’s PR focus is to develop a strategy that evolves to a brand’s needs. By providing best practices that have been used successfully across a number of different franchise segments, from food to the service industry to at home senior care, No Limit has dominated the media space since its inception. The agency is ready to adapt to any media strategy a brand has at a moment’s notice.

Some agencies may be content with only marketing one aspect of a brand. Focusing on one component of a business can become stale and end up hurting more than it helps. No Limit works to create unique and creative marketing and advertising campaigns to cater to a brand’s specific needs while spanning across a number of platforms, maintaining a consistent message.

Franchise Development
Most communication agencies are not equipped to be able to help a brand discover new ways to drum up franchise leads. What makes No Limit stand out from the herd is that it has a well-known franchise expert on their team to help consult clients with franchise marketing, franchise sales, lead generation and website integration. Powills said having Sean Fitzgerald on the team as chief development strategist, to assist brands with franchise development, gives No Limit a new viewpoint in providing services, making the agency stand out.

“I started jotting down concepts to create the right value-added support to our clients. As I thought of new concepts, I returned to an old one — one I was confident would be powerful to the agency and to our franchise publication — by recruiting one of the smartest people I know in franchising to help drive our business strategy to a new level,” Powills said of Fitzgerald.

Digital and Social Media
No Limit helps brands stay current by providing a number of digital services such as website creation and app development. The agency can also help with social media campaigns. Since it began in 2008, No Limit was one of the only social media agencies. Those eight years of intel has helped it understand social media trends, which help to craft a social media campaign to maximize their client’s influence in the industry and with consumers.