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Forbes: Top Tips For Using Video In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Videos are a popular form of digital marketing that must be backed by a sound strategy in order to draw in desired results.

Marketers who are looking to make a lasting impact on social media should explore the options presented through use of videos. According to a recent article in Forbes, creating an impactful and effective social media video is nothing short of an art. In order to grab and maintain consumer attention, it is important to offer a streamlined and value-driven video. 

No detail is too small. When choosing the thumbnail for your video, it is important to back your decision with strategy. Consumers fly through their news feeds and it will take a particularly eye-catching element in order to make them pause to watch your video.

It is also critical to make an impact within the first 10 seconds. If your audience is not sold in that span of time, they will continue scrolling before you are able to fully express your messaging. The best way to prevent this is to do some digging into what exactly your audience is looking to gain from watching your video. Assess what the value of your message is and express it in a compelling way.

A call to action will help tie things together and turn messaging into impactful marketing. When the video ends, there should be a clear path for consumers to follow. Whether this is a button, link or written action–be sure the steps are clear for your audience. 

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