How 1851 benefits franchises
How 1851 benefits franchises

Welcome to 1851, the most comprehensive content marketing and franchise development solution in the industry. This new media platform is going to change the way you do business.

No Limit Agency (NLA) is the parent company of the truly
innovative 1851 Franchise.  This new
media platform is going to change the franchise industry.  1851 Franchise sets out to be the industry’s
most comprehensive content marketing and franchise development solution.  It provides its clients with simple tools and
programs to handle all of their communications needs through a customized
audience and customized campaign.

“This is the newest media solution No Limit Agency has to
offer,” said Nick Powills, CEO and Founder of NLA and 1851 Franchise. “We are
on the cusp of something really huge for franchising.  This is the ultimate communications tool for
franchise brands.”

You have heard it before: Content is king.  Well, kind of.  Content is king when people read it and trust
it.  When you visit a brand’s website and
read their blogs or their marketing, do you trust it?  Perhaps a little, but you know, in the back
of your head, that the content was produced by the brand for the brand.  This, in principal, is why brands love PR –
because reporters are validating the brand, people, product or growth with
credibility.  With 1851, you get a third
party, controlled news site (customized brand publication); a team of reporters
writing about you (third party validation); the ability to amp your content to
the exact target audience in the exact market you want to expand into
(customized audience); and a best-in-information analytical dashboard to give
you the data, and thus, strategy you desire. 
And, depending on your package, you get a personalized team who is there
to do it for you – and help you achieve your awareness goals.

“In this digital world, your brand must stand out above the
clutter in order for you to communicate with your prospects – your needles in a
haystack,” said Powills.  “1851 allows
for third party validation, story telling and control that will help drive
awareness for a brand’s franchise opportunity.”

1851 allows clients to build a custom landing page, have
customized content, aggregated content, CRM integration, social distribution,
real time analytics, and strategic account management.  All tools to help amp media placements and
drive strong franchise leads.

“1851 increased our web traffic significantly and our
leads.  As the pilot brand for 1851, we were
able to award five times the amount of franchises in 2014,” said Phillip Schram,
Executive Vice President Buffalo Wings & Rings.

“Our Website’s traffic increased significantly when 1851
Franchise was executed.  The traffic
wasn’t just traffic, it was good.  We
received more leads than ever before,” said Michael Mabry, COO, Mooyah Burgers,
Fries and Shake

This is just another tool in the toolbox to achieve results
and ROI.   1851 is open to everyone and
has different tiers of payment.  To learn
more, contact No Limit Agency at www.nolimitagency.com.