Naples Herald: Welcomemat Services Highlights Naples as Top 25 Neighborhood for Small Business
Naples Herald: Welcomemat Services Highlights Naples as Top 25 Neighborhood for Small Business

Welcomemat Services compiled "America's Top 25 Neighborhoods for Small Business" and Naples landed on the list for local small business success

Welcomemat Services has marked the time from October 26 through November 26 to be "Small Business Season" and in recognition released a list of the top 25 communities that promote small businesses. Southwest Florida Welcomemat Services Franchisee, Rachele Marsh is not surprised by the company's ranking of North Naples as the 12th best community in the nation.
"I think a lot of it is the growth that's going on in Naples, just a lot of new development going on,: she said of what has caused a 20 percent increase in full-time residents since last year. "Of course the weather doesn't hurt. I would give a lot of the [small businesses] credit to how many new families are moving to the area."
According to Naples Herald, Marsh has been with Welcomemat Services since February of 2015 and has seen the growth first-hand. She is always out in the community meeting business owners ad she encourages interpersonal interactions to make long-lasting impressions.
Amy Bright-Gihuly, a Naples local business expert, supports Welcomemat Services and has seen it all when it comes to the Naples business market.
"We in Collier County are among the top 10 growing population in the United States, so that gives an opportunity for not only larger businesses, but certainly growth and ability for small businesses to thrive," said Bright-Gihuly, on the continued increase in population.
As Welcomemat Services continues to aid small businesses by bringing in new, regular customers, in conjunction with the increasing population, Bright-Giihuly feels positive exposure should enhance the results of a booming market.
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