No Limit Agency Featured in Restaurant Hospitality
No Limit Agency Featured in Restaurant Hospitality

No Limit Agency CEO Nick Powills looked at the best ways to create buzz in the media world.

In the highly competitive restaurant industry, creating awareness and keeping buzz going is vitally important to success. No Limit Agency has been helping franchise restaurant concepts make a splash for nearly a decade and Restaurant Hospitality recently spoke with Nick Powills, founder and CEO of No Limit Agency, to examine the best ways to create attention in the local media.
“You have to stand out, and the easiest way to do that is by understanding that human interest drives media interest," Powills told Restaurant Hospitality. "What did you do before you opened the restaurant? How are you going to impact the community? What’s special about your team? Find the people moments and deliver those to the media. They will care more.”
No Limit Agency specializes in helping franchise brands grow by finding and telling the people stories that make up the narrative of the brand. While creating media moments surrounding the opening of new restaurants in the community, No Limit Agency also provides guidance in finding touch points and creative ways to keep buzz going in the media year round.
Think about moments that can happen throughout the year that can drive the media, such as eating contests, allowing a school to take over as the staff of the restaurant (all proceeds go to them), or an autograph signing with a local celebrity,” says Powills. “When launching a new product, create an event around that. Creativity creates interest.”
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