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No Limit Agency Named “Vendor of the Year” by Buffalo Wings & Rings for Second Consecutive Year

NLA is the first vendor to win the award back to back.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 5:17PM 09/21/17

When Buffalo Wings & Rings started working with No Limit Agency back in December of 2013, they were on a mission to grow. The brand realized that it needed to make a major change in order to be successful on a global level. That’s why NLA’s team didn’t waste any time getting to work—media relations professionals hit the phones to tell the story of Buffalo Wings & Rings’ club-level dining experience, franchise development experts coached the brand’s executives through expansion initiatives and 1851 Franchise content producers crafted articles geared towards the brand’s ideal franchisees to generate buzz. Right away, Buffalo Wings & Rings started to see a difference.

By engaging No Limit Agency to establish a strong biography behind the Buffalo Wings & Rings brand, the concept was able to tap into new momentum that wasn’t available before. And because NLA’s teams were working together to create a cohesive picture, every secured media hit and published content marketing article was able to make a bigger impact than it would on its own. Recognizing the unique ability behind No Limit Agency’s approach to storytelling, Buffalo Wings & Rings voted to name NLA its Vendor the Year” for the second consecutive year at its annual conference this summer.

“It was an honor to accept the award at the Buffalo Wings & Rings conference in Florida this summer. We have developed such strong relationships with the members of the BW&R team and it now feels like a family reunion when we go to conference to catch up with the corporate team, the franchisees and everyone connected to the brand,” said Brian Jaegar, vice president of NLA. “Everyone at No Limit Agency plays a vital role in accomplishing our goals for Buffalo Wings & Rings, so as cliché as it is, the award was the result of a true team effort.”

That team effort was influential in helping No Limit Agency win the award. There’s a lot of competition when it comes to Buffalo Wings & Rings’ vendors. But according to Philip Schram, chief development officer for Buffalo Wings & Rings, NLA stood out for its ability to produce results in a wide variety of areas.

“Last year, I was the one who proposed No Limit as our Vendor of the Year, and a lot of that came from the work that was done on the business development side. But this year, interestingly, the proposal didn’t come from me. It came from our operations and marketing group, who said that they think No Limit is doing a fantastic job with franchisees to promote their businesses in local markets,” said Schram. “There are multiple angles in the world of PR, and No Limit has now been recognized for their work for both B2B and B2C projects.”

Earning the title of Buffalo Wings & Rings’ Vendor of the Year is no easy feat—especially consecutively. There’s a group of about 20 people who are involved in making the final decision, and they start narrowing down the competition by nominating vendors who have performed well over the past year. That list is then narrowed down through a vote, which then comes down to the final winner. Schram says that the winner is often determined based on the value, support and behavior that the vendors portray and show not just to the corporate team, but to franchisees as well.

According to Jaeger, it’s that ability to connect with franchisees that makes winning this award so special.

“Winning an award at conference is validation of the hard work that we put in on behalf of the brand. We truly look at ourselves as partners and our culture is such that we aim to make a positive impact for our clients on a daily basis in order to help them succeed and grow,” Jaeger said. “Our agency's core values align so well with the culture at Buffalo Wings & Rings. From the top down, Buffalo Wings & Rings has found success through a servant-leadership attitude and a culture of service. That's how we operate at No Limit Agency, and will continue to put our clients first and do everything to improve their futures.”

Schram is in agreement with Jaeger, noting that the cohesive culture between Buffalo Wings & Rings and No Limit Agency is what makes the partnership so successful.

“Our culture is incredibly important to us as a company. And that goes beyond our employees and franchisees—we want to create relationships with the people we’re working with. We call them ‘vendor partners’ for a reason, and we really mean that,” said Schram. “In order for someone to become vendor of the year, our partnership needs to be working incredibly well. No Limit Agency isn’t a one-sided partner for us—we’re both getting value out of the work that we’re doing together.”

As Buffalo Wings & Rings and No Limit Agency continue to work together to generate buzz surrounding the brand and boost its ongoing franchise development initiatives, they’re planning to continue strengthening the strong relationship and understanding that exists between the brands. And according to Jaeger, that means that No Limit Agency is planning on going for an unprecedented three-peat as the brand’s Vendor of the Year.

Jaegar said, “I know that I'm a competitive person, and there's a level of pride that comes with continuing to elevate our level of service and results year-over-year. I'd love for us to win the award next year - and every year afterward.”

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