The Greeley Tribune: Christian Brothers Automotive Expands in Colorado
The Greeley Tribune: Christian Brothers Automotive Expands in Colorado

Christian Brothers Automotive is seeing increased interest in the brand in the Northern Colorado area, including U.S. Air Force veteran Jeff Sloan.

U.S. Air Force veteran Jeff Sloan was seeking a different path than his military friends after retirement. Many of them continued working in defense but at the age of 51, Sloan looked into franchising with Christian Brothers Automotive.

“Boy, this sure has been really different,” Sloan said in an interview with The Greeley Tribune reporter Bridgett Weaver. “It’s been a real adventure for me.”

Sloan stumbled upon Christian Brothers Automotive in his search for franchises that offered great veteran benefits. With Christian Brothers great reputation and his love of cars, the business was an ideal fit. The shop recently opened on October 17 in Northern Colorado, a long trip from the Sloan's hometown of San Antonio.
“I really fell in love with this northern Colorado area,” Sloan said to the Greeley Tribune. "And Christian Brothers said they were really trying to move into this area.”
According to VP of Franchise and Strategic development Josh Wall, there are actually plans to develop multiple in northern Colorado within the next five years. There are currently nine locations in the state with many of those franchisees looking to expand their presence.
“A lot of what drives our growth moving forward is where our franchisees want to bring their business,” Wall said to Weaver. “There’s been a lot of interest in Colorado. That’s what first broke us into the market. We’re looking at areas in Loveland, Longmont and Fort Collins,” and others, too.
The brand understands car trouble is a headache for many and for Jeff Sloan, bringing his customers piece of mind is the most rewarding part of their business.

“Nothing is easy these days, but if we can make this easy for them, we see their joy and satisfaction,” said to the Tribune. “That’s what makes it all worthwhile for me. It’s really about being a light in the Greeley area and really treating these customers as we would want to be treated.”
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