The Products and Services of No Limit Agency
The Products and Services of No Limit Agency

There are no limits to No Limit Agency's services. The company has figured out a way to bridge the silos of communication to create a customized strategy that is bar none.

No Limit Agency is just what its name says it is.  There are no limits as to what services they
can provide their clients.  Public
relation services can come in many varieties, but the successful firms are
communications firms first and foremost. 
No Limit Agency has successfully figured out a way to bridge the silos
of communication to create a strategy that is bar none. 

“Typically, when a brand creates a communication strategy,
it has a PR, Social, Advertising and Marketing component, yet infrequently do
all four communications umbrellas work in a unified way,” said Nick Powills,
Owner of No Limit Agency.  “Our agency
started developing campaigns that bridged the silos, and all four components
working together began creating more ROI opportunities for our clients.”

No Limit secures more quality media placements per client
than perhaps any other agency in the world by following one simple technology
shift. Nearly all PR agencies focus on the “blast pitch,” in which their
publicists take a news release and blast email it to as many reporters as is
humanly possible. Although this tactic may produce some shotgun-like results,
there is no precision. No Limit decided to toss this antiquated methodology to
the side and implement a relationship-focused practice.

“We call reporters first and then, only if interested, send
a press release or email pitch. This way, we are in control. This practice has
helped create thousands of media contacts throughout the world,” said Lauren
Boukas, Vice President at No Limit Agency. “The secret
to our success is that we don’t like to wait. We want to jump start the
results. Brands don’t sell brands, people do. We will leverage a client’s people
assets to tell their story.”

Local and national PR results remain a critical piece of the
puzzle as campaigns progress forward. To generate consumer to brand to
development interest, No Limit will promote both major and mini events focused
on driving awareness for their clients.

When No Limit Agency was founded, there were few Social
Media agencies. They were among the first, and the first of PR firms to adapt
the process to include digital. Then, their concept was radical. Today, it’s
what other agencies are using as their templates.

No Limit Agency’s team supports more than 1 million fans
through Facebook and another 500,000 + through other channels, including
YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, etc.
Additionally, their creative team is equipped to design and build compliant
applications so that they can support clients Social Media campaigns with more
robust strategies.

“Too many brands focus on brand. Which is fine if you want
to be good at Social Media. However, if you want to be great, you need to blend
brand with the human touch,” said Powills.  “And, every form of communication must
connect. When an advertisement has earned media opportunities, you increase
ROI. We always think in terms of ROI.”

When you work with No Limit, you gain the benefit of their work
with 50 great brands. As a sponge of information, their agency constantly pulls
together ideas (or best practices) and helps their brands work together to find
solutions to their challenges. They are constantly chasing opportunity –
opportunity to find one idea that will move the needle one inch further in