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How Much Can You Make as a Paris Baguette Franchise Owner?

Thanks to a robust Item 19 and strong average unit volume, the global bakery cafe brand is attracting a record number of U.S. franchisees.

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Updated 8:08AM 10/07/21

Paris Baguette is an established global bakery café brand leader with more than 4,000 units worldwide and big expansion plans for the United States. 

The brand added 15 new stores throughout 2020 and signed 71 new agreements by June of this year. With a menu of French-inspired patisserie, breads, cakes and coffee, Paris Baguette is currently on track to grow from about 90 U.S. stores to 1,000 locations nationwide.

It’s attractive economics are a big reason why franchisees are quick to sign on with the brand. 

Paris Baguette’s “Robust” Item 19

With its small physical footprint, tightly honed menu and small labor force for each location, the brand’s business model offers enviable unit economics for franchisees. According to Item 19 of  Paris Baguette’s Franchise Disclosure Document, which provides insight into financial performance of franchised locations, the average unit volume is north of $2 million.

“Our Item 19 figure is pretty robust,” said Mark Mele, chief development officer for Paris Baguette. According to this section of the FDD that provides a glimpse at what other franchises have earned, 40 franchise units made an average of $1,653,454 from January, 1 2020 through December 31, 2020. The highest Average Unit Volume reported was $2,131,389.

Remarkably, the period of time that this FDD covers is during the pandemic, when forced dining room shutdowns made restaurant operators rethink business models, close stores and scramble for new revenue.

A Big Opportunity for Paris Baguette Franchisees

When reviewing the Paris Baguette FDD, Mele says that when franchise candidates ask “How much can I make as a Paris Baguette franchisee?”, café they should consider their goals. “A franchisee needs to think about what kind of income they need,” he said. “Will this income supplement the family’s current household income at first with plans to grow that income with multiple cafés down the road?” From there, they can fully evaluate what the earning potential means for them. 

Paris Baguette’s newest franchisees are excited about their financial opportunity. “I became a franchisee because I see huge potential in this brand,” said Wen Li, a multi-unit franchisee in California. “Paris Baguette is already well-known all over the world, but has not really focused on American growth. I believe  there’s so much more growth ahead, and I can’t wait to be a part of it.”

The total investment to franchise with Paris Baguette ranges from $528,270 and $1,638,554, including a $50,000 franchise fee. For more information, please visit:

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