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Paris Baguette ‘Rises to the Occasion’ With a Growth-Focused Culture of Support

The bakery café franchise offers robust initial training and customized ongoing support to ensure each owner receives the unique resources they need to succeed.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 11:11AM 07/08/24

As a global brand with over 4,000 locations around the world, Paris Baguette, the French-inspired bakery café franchise, has built a tested and refined operational playbook to help franchisees find success in their businesses. 

“In the four years that I’ve been with the brand, we’ve grown from under 100 locations to almost 200 across the U.S. and Canada,” Chief Operating Officer Nick Scaccio said. “Throughout this journey, we’ve had franchisees with a multitude of experiences; some have joined our system with multi-unit experience, and others are just starting their franchising journey with Paris Baguette. We view each franchisee uniquely and independently, and each scenario is a unique chance to provide a helping hand and support them in the way they need.”

Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach, Paris Baguette returns to their polished operational playbook, drawing out the training, education, and resources that will most benefit each franchisee.

“We’re highly adaptable, and that lends itself to us being able to help get owners up to speed as quickly as possible without missing anything or spending too much time on an area of business ownership that a particular franchisee is already confident in,” Scaccio said.

A Corporate Team With Café Experience Can Train and Support With Firsthand Knowledge

Because Paris Baguette was largely company-owned across the U.S. many years ago, many of the training and support team members — like district managers, field operations team members, and food production team members — have developed a personal attachment to the brand and their success, as well as firsthand experience with what it takes to run a café day-to-day.

“Though we’re shifting toward a heavily franchisee-owned model, many of our support team members still have a strong sense of ownership,” Scaccio said. “They are invested in seeing the brand succeed, and that plays a huge role in their support. The team really does care a lot.”

Scaccio said that the sense of urgency and care that the entire team displays, whether they are working to help out a franchise owner, a peer, or someone else in the franchise organization, is a shining example of Paris Baguette’s brand value, “Rise to the Occasion.” 

Thorough Training and Ongoing Support Enables Franchisees To Run Robust Operations

One of Paris Baguette’s key differentiators with guests is their commitment to quality and freshness. Every day, each bakery café across the U.S. produces its breads, cakes, and pastries fresh on-site. This, along with grab-and-go sandwiches and salads and Lavazza coffee drinks, sets the stage for guests to have hundreds of menu items to choose from each day, but it also requires a high level of operational excellence.

Offering both training experiences prior to opening and on-site support during the early days, Paris Baguette walks owners and key team members through practical skills, technical knowledge, and hypothetical scenarios.

“We offer the education and support that franchisees need to operate within our franchise model. In addition to that, we set ourselves apart by offering ongoing support as various needs arise,” Scaccio said. “This support could range from a technical need to additional training and even hands-on support for General Managers, who have multiple responsibilities including product ordering, scheduling, and daily café operations. We want our franchisees to know that we’ll be there for them every step of the way.

Connection and Consistent Communication Throughout the System Maintain a Welcoming, Supportive Dynamic

To ensure support structures continue to serve franchisees in the way they need, Paris Baguette’s Franchise Advisory Council provides ongoing feedback, representing the needs of local owners to members of the support team.

Each year, nominations are held to select members of the council, each one representing a particular geographic region. Feedback from the council is collected and formalized once a quarter, and members of the corporate team are very receptive to the sentiments of the system — something Scaccio says is especially important for a growing, evolving brand like Paris Baguette.

“Our team truly has a genuine sense of care. Our owners are passionate, and our team wants them to succeed — there’s a shared understanding that success is mutually beneficial,” Scaccio said. “The relationship-building is imperative. Starting with our CEO, Darren [Tipton], through the field operations team and to the individual owners and teams, we’re constantly engaging. We want the best for our owners and our brand. We’re always connected and available via phone, text or email to ensure we’re doing our part to support that mission.”

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