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Why Paris Baguette Is the Next Great Bakery Franchise

The bakery café franchise is rapidly growing across North America and beyond, and their careful strategy and business model position them as the next big franchise opportunity.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
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In the growing bakery franchise landscape, Paris Baguette, the 4,000-plus-unit global brand, stands out as the next great franchise opportunity. With over 170 units in the U.S. alone and plans to grow across North America, they have captured the hearts of guests everywhere with their unwavering commitment to variety, quality, and freshness. As they continue to differentiate themselves among guests and franchise owners alike, Paris Baguette is poised to be the next great bakery franchise opportunity.

“Expertly crafted baked goods, made with the best quality ingredients, and hand-crafted coffees are what set us apart with guests. We offer a warm, welcoming experience that sparks joy in the neighborhoods we enter,” said CEO Darren Tipton. “As we continue to focus on re-establishing the bakery café as the heart of the community throughout North America, we’re dedicated to ongoing product innovation and providing a high level of support for our franchisees to ensure quality is steeped in at every stage and our teams are able to deliver the unbeatable Paris Baguette experience.”

A Commitment to Quality Establishes a Strong Foundation

The strength of the Paris Baguette model starts at the heart of the business. Unlike many bakery and eatery concepts that have shifted toward pre-made goods that are just warmed or assembled in-house, Paris Baguette continues to bake their goods freshly each day. The French-inspired model offers a level of quality and uniqueness that other brands simply cannot.

“Our pastries and breads are freshly baked and expertly crafted cakes made on-site at each café, which gives us a point of differentiation,” explained Chief Marketing Officer Cathy Chavenet. “We work with high-quality ingredients, and we stay seasonally relevant. That all plays into what our guests are looking for, and it helps drive their motivation to return to their neighborhood Paris Baguette.”

This differentiator often catches the eyes of first-time guests, but it also serves to capture a loyal base of repeat guests who continually visit their local Paris Baguette bakery cafés.

The experience inside a Paris Baguette bakery café is another key contributor to guests’ satisfaction and repeat business. With rich colors, welcoming lighting and enticing pastry displays, Paris Baguette creates a memorable experience for their guests every time.

The franchisees are also trained in the experience Paris Baguette is offering to their guests.   They are trained on the Paris Baguette core values which are to have heart, nourish the community, rise to the occasion, and spread joy. Paris Baguette franchisees are given guidance on how to lead this culture in the café for a consumer experience based on excellence.  

Corporate Support Starts on Day One and Is Available to Owners Through the Entire Process

While the guest experience is a key driver for Paris Baguette’s continued growth as it supports ongoing revenue generation and brand awareness, the steps leading up to a successful bakery café opening are just as important. As they grow nationwide, Paris Baguette continues to provide a high level of support to their franchise partners. New franchisees with Paris Baguette have a clear image of what the “final product” should look like, and they have support and tools available to them throughout the process to help them achieve that goal.

One of the major factors in Paris Baguette’s success is proper real estate selection. While buying a franchise is a notable endeavor, choosing the right place for your business is just as important.

Paris Baguette’s team is committed to helping franchisees find a site that will give them a competitive edge and set them up to deliver the elevated bakery café experience guests expect from the brand.

Because of this, there is a team of experts available to support franchisees through the entire selection and build-out process. An experienced team works with local owners to identify prime sites, weighing the importance of multiple factors, including location, square footage, patio space, cotenants and landlord flexibility.

The final site selection is made based on a combination of the team’s expertise and the franchisee’s thoughts on the site. By bringing in multiple levels of engagement, the team ensures all perspectives are considered before finalizing the location.

Once a Bakery Café Has Opened, the Team Ensures It Stays Stocked With Exciting, In-Demand Menu Items

The support continues once the bakery cafés have been opened. In a business like Paris Baguette, ensuring local teams have the goods and equipment they need to create the product is critical, and there is a corporate team behind the supply chain process to manage that need for franchisees.

“What we’re working on at a very high level is forecasting, importing and distribution,” said Chief Supply Chain Officer Eric Galkin. “We are setting up the freight plan with every new franchisee. Some are within our markets, meaning they’re close to our distribution centers, and others are outside of that network. We work with a third-party logistics company to handle that and come up with a plan, whether it’s once a week or once every two weeks, to support that franchise owner. Every franchisee is getting a customized distribution plan with my team that best supports their café based on their anticipated store volume.”

Another key differentiator for Paris Baguette is their willingness to adapt their menu to address new and seasonal tastes without embracing short-lived trends or fads. This comes in the form of both ongoing menu development and timely promotions, like perks for National Coffee Day. Again, these efforts support franchisees’ success as they drive guest loyalty and frequency.

“We’ve tapped into National Coffee Day, National Cake Day, and National Croissant Day, to highlight a few of the many ways we celebrate with our guests throughout the year,” Chavenet said. “Leaning into some of the micro-holidays has allowed us to bring a little extra joy to our loyalty members and reward them for their business above and beyond their general spend.”

When a passionate owner, great site, reliable supply chain, and innovative menu come together, Paris Baguette becomes the go-to bakery café in the community and solidifies their status as a truly one-of-a-kind model.

The Revival of the Neighborhood Bakery Café

As they grow throughout North America, Paris Baguette is on a mission to offer a warm, welcoming bakery café experience that delivers joy to everyone. Returning to more carefully baked goods and a peaceful experience that encourages guests to slow down and connect with loved ones, Paris Baguette becomes a valued community partner in the markets they enter.

With plans to continue expanding across the U.S. and Canada while also working to break into Mexico, Puerto Rico and Guam, Paris Baguette is the next big bakery franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to join a revolutionary, growth-focused concept.

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