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Why Patrice & Associates is a Scalable Franchise Opportunity for Sales Experts and Recruiters

Patrice & Associates offers a proven business model, low start-up costs and the flexibility to build an enterprise, all while capitalizing on the skills that have driven recruiters’ careers thus far.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 03/20/24

Patrice & Associates, the recruiting franchise that helps thousands of managerial and executive level candidates every year find rewarding jobs in the hospitality industry and beyond, is all about aiding in smooth transitions. Whether it's assisting candidates in moving to new roles, aiding clients in filling positions with the right employees, or supporting professionals in shifting from corporate employment to running their own franchise, Patrice & Associates is committed to making these transitions as effortless as possible.

Similarly, the brand simplifies the process for sales execs and recruiters looking to leave the constraints of corporate America, embark on their own entrepreneurial journey and scale their business as large as they desire. A shining example of this is Bryan Morris, a Nashville-based Patrice & Associates franchise owner, whose journey from the medical device sales industry to franchise ownership embodies the seamless transition that sales professionals and recruiters can make into the staffing franchise. 

From Medical Device Sales to Franchise Ownership

Morris's professional journey spans over 14 years in medical device sales, starting with a foundational role at Cardinal Health. His career trajectory then took him from large corporations to smaller companies, like FlexiCare, where he embraced leadership roles and honed his skills in sales, team building and client management. His latest venture into the cancer diagnostic space further solidified his expertise in the sales domain.

"This was a great foundational start to develop the skill set to be a great salesperson," Morris said. “My journey into franchising was driven by a desire to build something that could serve as both a safety net and a source of supplemental income, allowing me to continue my work in the medical device sector.” 

Why Patrice & Associates Appeals to Sales Experts & Recruiters

As he started his research into potential franchise endeavors, Morris says there were several reasons why Patrice & Associates appeared to be an attractive opportunity for individuals with a background in sales and recruiting, including:

  • Lean Operation: The franchise doesn't require a brick-and-mortar office, allowing owners to operate remotely. “This flexibility allows me to run the business remotely, whether I'm traveling for my sales job or working from home,” said Morris.
  • Synergistic Skills: Skills in sales, team building and client management directly translate to success in the recruiting industry. “Talking to people is what I do everyday — recruiting, interviewing, hiring and managing turnover are tasks I'm quite comfortable with,” said Morris. “Essentially, while the context may change, the fundamental skills remain the same."
  • Low Start-up Costs: The financial barrier to entry is relatively low, making it an accessible venture for sales professionals looking to diversify their income sources. “For people like me who are looking to keep their day job, this is a manageable venture to undertake on the side without significant financial strain or a huge time commitment,” said Morris.
  • Scalability: Sales people often enjoy the ability to control their own income based on performance. Here, they can build the business as large as they’d like, building a team and signing their own clients to create passive income.

A Smooth Transition with Patrice & Associates

Since signing on with Patrice & Associates in late 2023, Morris says his experience with the franchise has been highly positive and supportive.

To assist franchisees like Morris through the transition from employee to business owner, Patrice & Associates has tailored a comprehensive training program. This involves an initial self-guided virtual training, followed by a two-week intensive training. After this, there's a six-week program with bi-weekly classes and calls, coupled with 90 days of daily mentorship with a seasoned coach. With this thorough training process, franchisees can rest assured they'll be equipped with the necessary tools for success, regardless of their prior experience or background.

Today, Morris has been able to start his Patrie & Associates franchise while keeping his med sales position at the same time. And balancing both of his roles has also been smoother than anticipated, he says. 

“I dedicate an hour or two each day to candidate searches, leveraging the franchise's extensive database, which simplifies much of the process based on clients' geographic locations,” he said. “I can prepare a list of prospective calls in the evening to act on the next day.”

Patrice & Associates franchisees like Morris can tailor a unique strategy for each client using the system provided by the brand. This strategy can include targeted outreach to specific industries and geographical areas, cold calls to similar businesses to source top talent and the conducting of thorough, behavior-based interviews and reference checks. Various channels are utilized to find job candidates, such as confidential cold-calling, social media campaigns, anonymous advertisements in nationally recognized publications and the unique Patrice Way™ industry search.

And Morris’ sales background has already come in handy. 

"I managed to secure my first placement with someone I identified during the training program, ensuring I had potential leads right from the beginning,” said Morris. “I was able to attract my own client and secure my next three placements through them.”

A Call to Sales Professionals and Recruiters

Overall, Morris' journey underscores the potential for sales professionals and recruiters to achieve entrepreneurial success with Patrice & Associates, making it a prime opportunity for those seeking to embark on a new, rewarding venture.

Patrice & Associates stands out in the recruitment industry with over 175 units in the U.S. and Canada, making it the largest hospitality executive search firm in the country. Recognized for its flexible and affordable franchise model, it allows franchisees to work from home and manage their schedules. In 2023, it was listed among the Top 100 Brands for less than $100,000 total investment.

"We are thrilled to have Bryan as a member of the Patrice & Associates family," said Brian Miller, CEO of Patrice & Associates. "Bryan's commitment to excellence and his extensive background in sales and leadership, along with the supportive network of Patrice & Associates, demonstrate how skills in sales, recruitment, and team management can effectively transition into a thriving franchise ownership."

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