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How Pigtails & Crewcuts Makes Haircuts Fun and Memorable for Families

The children’s salon franchise brand, with nearly 100 locations nationwide, creates a stress-free environment where every child is welcome.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 02/13/24

In a world where parents seek exceptional and customized services for their children, Pigtails & Crewcuts shines as a premier destination for children's haircare. With over $7 billion spent annually on kid’s haircuts in the United States and limited options focusing solely on young clientele, Pigtails & Crewcuts emerges as a unique and cherished brand for families seeking quality service for their kids aged zero to 12.

Crafting Memorable Experiences for Children and Parents

Since its inception in 2003, Pigtails & Crewcuts has been more than just a salon — it's a haven where children will fondly remember their haircut experience and parents can relax, knowing their kids are in good hands. The brand's commitment to creating a fun, engaging environment for children sets it apart in the industry.

"We've always believed that a child's haircut should be an experience filled with joy and laughter," said Wade Brannon, President and CEO of Pigtails & Crewcuts. “Our salons are designed to make children feel excited and at ease. From playful decor to our friendly stylists, every detail is about making haircut time a happy time for families.”

Pigtails & Crewcuts offers a variety of services catering specifically to children and their families. These include specialized kids' haircuts, first haircut packages that commemorate the milestone with souvenirs and various styling services like braids, blowouts and up-dos. Additionally, they provide shampoo services, nail or toe polish applications and ear piercing in a kid-friendly environment. The salons also host birthday parties and other events, creating a fun and engaging atmosphere that is designed to foster lifelong memories. And, locations even offer haircuts for parents that can alleviate stress by making good use of a family’s time.

More Than Haircuts: A Community Staple

Pigtails & Crewcuts extends its role beyond haircare, actively participating in local community events and initiatives. This engagement has made the brand a beloved part of many neighborhoods, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.

A prime example is the Pigtails & Crewcuts StyleChat blog — a one-stop shop for all hair questions, trends and resources. The Style Book, for example, provides examples of haircuts for boys and girls completed by skilled Pigtails & Crewcuts stylists, so parents don’t need to worry about describing what they want next time they visit the salon — they can simply show their child’s preferred cut. 

Recognizing the busy schedules of modern families, the official Pigtails & Crewcuts app is an ultra-convenient way to easily book an appointment or check-in before visiting a salon. Guests can find their local salon, see the availability of their favorite stylists and a list of services offered, and book an appointment that fits their schedule. 

"Parents appreciate the convenience and quality we offer," said Brannon. "From the ease of scheduling appointments to our range of high-quality children's haircare products, we make sure every visit is as smooth and enjoyable as possible for both kids and their parents."

A Future Focused on Smiles

Looking to the future, Pigtails & Crewcuts aims to continue expanding its reach, ensuring more families across the country can create lasting memories by experiencing the fun atmosphere and quality haircare that the brand offers. 

This expansion is not just about growing the number of salons, but about spreading the ethos of Pigtails & Crewcuts — creating spaces where children are delighted, parents are at ease and communities are strengthened.

"Our vision goes beyond haircuts. It's about enriching the lives of families we touch," Brannon said. “We're excited to bring the Pigtails & Crewcuts experience to more communities, continuing our journey of spreading smiles, one haircut at a time.”

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