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Business Radio X: Nora Farhat With Pool Scouts, British Swim School and Mathnasium

Nora Farhat continues to expand her ownership with Buzz Franchise Brands by opening a Pool Scouts franchise.

By Aryanna Cannoy1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 6:18PM 10/12/22

When Nora Farhat began her franchising journey with British Swim School, she never expected that one franchise would lead to her ownership of two other franchise brands. But it didn’t take long for Farhat to recognize the needs of her community. In a recent interview with Franchise Radio, Farhat discusses her expanding businesses and how she began her franchising path.

“After years of working in a corporate world, I kind of knew where my skill sets were,” says Farhat. “I knew I was an operator, and that’s kind of actually what attracted me to franchising was I loved the idea that these models were proven out, and you really got to take a concept that was already in the market and then just really bring it into a community and kind of run it the best way that you can.”

After a few years of successfully running her British Swim School location, Farhat saw the need for a math tutoring program in their community. That’s when she and her husband opened Mathnasium, the math learning center focusing on working with kids. Not long after opening her second business, the pandemic hit, and Farhat once again saw a need in her community.

“The pandemic made me realize how many people started to build or own home pools. And through that, through just kind of getting the phone calls, how do we service our pool? Where do we go for this service?” says Farhat. “I was like, we have a problem here, and I think we can figure out a solution.”

After making that realization, Farhat and her husband opened up their third business in their community, Pool Scouts, a premier pool service franchise that provides pool cleaning, maintenance and minor repair services at residential properties. Farhat goes on to discuss her experience leaving the corporate world to run three successful franchises and how franchising has benefited not only her but her community.

Listen to the full interview here.

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