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Female Franchisees Making Their Mark with Pool Scouts

In the traditionally male-dominated fields of outdoor home services and pool maintenance, these two female franchise owners are experiencing incredible growth with Pool Scouts.

By Madeline LenaStaff Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 12/04/18

Starting a business as a female in a field where there is sparse representation can be an uphill battle. While the residential pool maintenance industry fits this build, a growing number of women are finding success with Pool Scouts. Tiffiny Consoli and Gissel Ellington are among these women who were drawn to the brand by its solid business model, and through quality training and unparalleled support, they’ve built some of the best-performing businesses in the system.

Consoli opened her Pool Scouts territories in the Raleigh, North Carolina area in August 2016 as the brand’s first franchisee. She first discovered the brand on LinkedIn through a familiarity with Kevin Wilson, the CEO of Pool Scouts parent company Buzz Franchise Brands.

“I was originally interested in opening a Mosquito Joe, but I was too late to purchase a territory in Raleigh because all of the territories had already sold out,” Consoli said. “I was really excited when Buzz Franchise Brands started Pool Scouts and jumped at the opportunity to be a part of an already successful brand and business model.”

Ellington is in the midst of her first year as a Pool Scouts franchisee in Boca Raton, Florida. She was looking at starting a business with a recurring service model when she was introduced to the brand.

“I looked at other types of businesses, but none gave me the peace of mind that Pool Scouts did,” Ellington said. “I was considering buying a route-based business before a lot of legwork and online research led me to Pool Scouts. They were so great and welcoming and provided all the support I needed to get this project moving. It was a perfect fit.”

As both women began the process of launching their businesses with Pool Scouts, they were faced with the challenge of familiarizing themselves with a totally new industry. Pool Scouts training and support teams, however, made the task less daunting.

When asked about the challenges she’s had to overcome working in a male-dominated field, Ellington said that she’s occasionally been met with surprise from customers and vendors she works with, but her work speaks for itself.

“With all of the training, support and certifications I’ve received from Pool Scouts, I know I am qualified to handle the job, as evidenced by the rapid growth throughout my territory,” she explained.

Consoli added that in her experience, the pool industry has been very welcoming and that the challenges she’s faced in her business are similar to those that many women in business face.

“Being new to the pool cleaning business, I had to immerse myself in learning the technical and chemical aspects,” Consoli continued. “That helped me earn the respect of my peers, as well as calm my own insecurities in a new space. One of my strengths is forging relationships – with both customers and partners – and that has served me very well in building a new business from scratch.”

As the two got their Pool Scouts franchises up and running, the brand couldn’t have been more helpful and supportive. They are both excited to see the brand continue to develop and innovate its offerings to separate itself from the competition.

“While it’s already a great brand to build a service business around, Pool Scouts’ commitment to growth is inspiring,” Consoli said. “The personalized support, tools and technology they provide allow us to differentiate ourselves in the market quickly.”

Consoli explained these differentiators come in the form of slick and creative marketing, targeted mailings, advanced technology and continuous training in the field. Ellington agreed, crediting those same resources and support Pool Scouts provides with her success and ability to separate herself from other pool service businesses in the area.

“All of the tools Pool Scouts has equipped me with have enabled me to focus on growing my business and offering an outstanding customer experience,” she said.

“If you are someone who wants to be successful and has the drive and desire to be an entrepreneur, Pool Scouts will go all in with you, regardless of sex or gender,” Consoli said. “The Pool Scouts team is genuinely interested in my business and understands how our success as franchisees relates to the entire company.”

For Ellington, Pool Scouts stands out as a franchise opportunity due to the high-caliber people throughout the organization.

“The Pool Scouts team is always willing to help and give advice on how to evolve my business,” she said. “The great support, tools, constant follow-up and willingness to help get the job done sets Pool Scouts apart from other franchises. They gave me the confidence that this was a business I could run, and they weren’t wrong.”

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