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Franchisee Spotlight: Ray Marinaccio and Pool Scouts

How this law school grad went from New York prosecutor to Pool Scouts franchisee

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 12/16/19

Born and raised in the Bronx, NY, Ray Marinaccio is a New Yorker through and through. After
completing high school, Marinaccio stayed on the East Coast and attended the prestigious Georgetown
University for his pre-law undergrad degree. With the ultimate goal of being an attorney, he returned
home and received his law degree from the Fordham University School of Law.

In 1987, Marinaccio started his career as a prosecutor for the district attorney of New York where he
focused on all fields such as civil, psychiatric, homicide, robberies and drug cases. After his work with
the DA, Marinaccio shifted gears and moved into the real estate industry where he managed
properties. While he got back into the investigative field in 2014 as an investigator for sexual
misconduct cases, he decided to retire from criminal detective work earlier this year.

“The investigative work takes a toll on you because it’s very intense,” said Marinaccio. “I’m still
involved with real estate property management but am gradually moving out of the field completely.”
Instead, Marinaccio and his wife decided to focus on making a move they’ve always wanted to,
transitioning south to Hilton Head, SC.

“We have always wanted to move to South Carolina. At first, we thought about purchasing a vacation
home in the area, but decided to relocate to the warm weather permanently,” explained Marinaccio.
“We also have twins who are starting at Clemson University in the fall. The move seemed like the best
decision for the whole family.”

With the move to Hilton Head giving him a fresh start, Marinaccio was committed to a career change.
He knew he no longer wanted to practice law but also didn’t feel like it was his time to retire. Instead,
he began looking into possible franchise opportunities by connecting with a broker who vetted through
his options. But throughout his search, nothing really stood out, so he set his sights on finding a new
home first.

“When we started looking for vacation homes, we realized pretty quickly that you’re really only
allowed to tour the property over the weekends when the home is unoccupied and being cleaned or
maintained,” according to Marinaccio. “While the majority of the homes had pools, I wasn't impressed by
the quality of the pool cleaning or their maintenance knowledge. We had a pool in the Bronx and I
really enjoyed cleaning it. It was very therapeutic.”

After looking at the maintenance prices and fees that go into pool cleaning and maintenance,
Marinaccio realized there was a major opportunity to provide a valuable service to the people of Hilton
Head. He reconnected with his broker and found Pool Scouts, a concept with trusted service and open
territories available in his market. Marinaccio knew immediately that it was the right fit.

“I joked about loving to clean my pool with to my broker,” he said. “Little did I know it was an actual
franchise opportunity. I just really liked the people that worked with Pool Scouts and the Buzz
Franchise Brands team and felt it was perfect.”

His quirky interest in pool cleaning also aligned well with the brand’s goal to recruit qualified

“We’re looking forward to bringing the Pool Scouts brand to new communities with the help of
passionate franchisees like Ray,” said Michael Wagner, President of Pool Scouts. “Our goal as a
company is to elevate the customer experience, and the proven system that we’ve created allows our
business owners to do just that. Everything from updates on crew arrival times to reports about a
pool’s chemical contents are delivered directly to our customers, and our technicians are
knowledgeable, trained professionals. We’re excited to have Ray on board and look forward to seeing
what he’s able to accomplish in year one.”

Marinaccio opened for business on February 15 and has aspirations to open two more Pool Scout
territories within the area. For more information on franchise opportunities, visit

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