Pool Scouts Welcomes Newest Franchisee to Sugar Land
Pool Scouts Welcomes Newest Franchisee to Sugar Land

Pool maintenance franchise gives yearning entrepreneur the opportunity to own and operate his own business

For 19 years, Brent Berridge worked for Dow Chemical – starting in their Michigan facility before transferring to Texas. In his most recent position, Berridge was a maintenance turnaround manager, but working for Dow was never his dream career.

After graduating with a degree in business administration from Northwood University, Berridge realized that someday he wanted to be able to own his own business. Over the past decade, Berridge dedicated an immeasurable amount of time to find the right opportunity when he stumbled upon Pool Scouts.

“I was on a Southwest Airlines flight reading a magazine, and I saw an article about Pool Scouts,” Berridge said. “I remember looking at a photo of the van and having it stick with me. I saw the opportunity as a fun, professional pool maintenance business, and thought a company like Pool Scouts would do really well in Houston.”

Berridge did some additional research before agreeing to meet with Pool Scouts corporate team in Virginia Beach, but recognized immediately that Pool Scouts high-level approach to customer service is what has helped the brand stand out from others in the space.

“Many of the mom and pop pool service businesses I’ve used don’t place a priority on reliability or customer service, I could see that was Pool Scouts major point of differentiation,” he said. “At Pool Scouts, good communication with customers is paramount. For that reason, I decided to leave my job with Dow Chemical on the day of my nineteenth anniversary to open my own franchise.”

Texas is home to three of the largest residential pool cities in the country – Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Because of this, Pool Scouts has been committed to statewide development since opening its first Dallas location back in 2016. In fact, four of Pool Scouts 15 franchisees own territories throughout Texas.

And while Dallas remains the top priority with 31 available territories and 188,000 residential pools, Houston isn’t far behind.

“The Houston DMA has more than 121,000 target households for us, which we define as homes with residential pools and an income above $75,000,” said Michael Wagner, President of Pool Scouts. “Because of the large pool presence in the area, there are as many as 20 territories available in the market, lending itself to a huge growth opportunity for our brand. We know Brent will do a phenomenal job but hope to find some support for him by bringing on additional franchisees.”

For Berridge, the density of the Houston market has meant big business since opening his location on June 4. He’s already received numerous inquiries and a handful of new customers.

“I think they’re most excited about the high-quality services we offer and our use of the latest technology,” he said. “We are also reliable and show up when we say we will, so I always explain that it is worth the investment. So far, people have been very receptive.”