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My Southern Home: Preservan Franchisee Discusses the Brand’s One-of-a-Kind Process

In this segment of My Southern Home with Kimberly Greenwell, Preservan franchisee Thom Vyneman explains how the brand can save homeowners money by repairing rather than replacing.

By Victoria CampisiStaff Writer
12:12PM 05/14/24

Thom Vyneman was so impressed with Preservan’s philosophy of repairing over replacing that he decided to bring the emerging wood repair and restoration franchise to Nashville, Tennessee.

“I wanted to find a service that really gave back to the community, not just something that added something that was already being delivered here in the Nashville area,” he said in a recent episode of My Southern Home with Kimberly Greenwell. “We came across Preservan and found an opportunity to really help restore some of these old homes at economical price and high quality. We really jumped on that opportunity.” 

Vyneman comes from a background in the insurance industry, giving him first hand knowledge on the costs associated with replacing roofs, windows and other key household structures.

“That's [what] really attracted us to this particular solution, because we can save up to 90% of [the cost of] replacing a window or a door,” he said. “A lot of the work that we do is significantly more affordable than replacing.” 

When offering assessment services, Vyneman says Preservan inspects the house in its entirety to identify fixable areas. The proposed fixes are then compared with the costs of replacement. The goal is to save the customers as much money as possible, which often results in their surprise and satisfaction.

“We are really looking out for neighbors,” Vyneman said. “A lot of times when I go on an assessment, they're asking me questions that really don't have anything to do with it. They’re looking for advice because this home services industry is very challenging. Most homeowners are not experts in what they're trying to fix, and so we'd like to be consultants there. We truly view them as our neighbors.” 

Watch the full interview here