Forbes: Successfully Marketing Your Franchise Opportunity
Forbes: Successfully Marketing Your Franchise Opportunity

Having your house in order, viewing customers as prospects, understanding your audience, utilizing all available data and curating a consistent brand voice are all critical aspects of a successful franchise marketing strategy, SMB Franchise Advisors president and CEO Steve Beagelman writes.

In a marketplace as crowded as the franchising space, what makes a brand stand out? There's no singular answer or one-size-fits-all approach, but lessons to be learned from the brands at the top as it relates to strong brand awareness and consistent lead generation are clear: A marketing strategy without multiple touch points isn’t going to cut it. 

In his latest Forbes columnSMB Franchise Advisors president and CEO Steve Beagelman broke down what every brand must do to successfully market their franchise opportunity: Do the necessary legwork ahead of time; consider your customers as prospects; have a strong understanding of budget constraints and target markets; allow metrics to dictate strategy; and curate a constant, consistent voice across multiple channels.

"Have a voice—and get it out there regularly," Beagelman writes. "You can’t post something on one of your social channels and go dark for 60 days. Make an effort to find the stories happening in and around your brand that fuel content and share them consistently on the channels that are applicable to your concept and have the attention of your target franchisee demographic."

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