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How This Spadea Lignana Franchise Attorney Is Making Sure Clients Feel Like More Than Just a Number

Evan Harra, a dedicated attorney at Spadea Lignana, has brought a unique perspective (and his dog) to the firm with his diverse background in law and his keen passion for franchising.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 2:14PM 01/09/24

From a young age, Evan Harra, one of franchise law firm Spadea Lignana’s newest attorneys, had his sights set on the legal profession. 

"I’ve always intended to be a lawyer, but didn’t know what shape or form that would take," Harra said. His academic path led him to Syracuse University, where he majored in Political Science and History, followed by Temple Law in Philadelphia. 

Unlike many who venture into the contentious realms of law, Harra was drawn to the transactional side, starting his professional career in-house for a commercial lender, where he aided small businesses in securing finances. Seeking broader horizons, he transitioned to litigation firms focusing on accreditation for major banks. However, this role didn't resonate with his aspirations. 

"I didn’t love working for the big guy — I wanted to transition out of that," Harra said. 

Eventually, his path then led him to Spadea Lignana, influenced by a law school friend's positive experiences at the firm. A growing interest in franchising led him away from real estate law and into a field where he could blend his legal expertise with a sector brimming with entrepreneurial spirit.

“I love working with emerging franchisors and helping them take their baby — their business — to the next level,” said Harra. “That personalization was what was missing from my last role. You aren’t just a number on a page. Each agreement signed is someone’s livelihood, which I really like."

When it comes to joining Spadea Lignana in particular, culture was a significant factor in Harra's decision. "They have really fostered a great culture here,” he said. “Of all the places I've worked, this is my favorite spot. We are like a family here. I bring my dog to work with me everyday! They do a great job here of making sure everyone feels at home.”

In his current role as an attorney with Spadea, Harra focuses on guiding around 70 clients through various legal processes. For franchisors or potential franchisors, Spadea Lignana offers several legal services and areas of practice. This includes help with franchising the business, compliance systems, trademarks, international franchising and more. The firm also provides assistance with terminations of franchise agreements and buying or selling an existing franchise

Regardless of the specific area of practice, Harra emphasizes the importance of accessibility and open communication with clients. The firm’s unique flat monthly fee subscription model ensures that clients don’t have to worry about being billed for small talk and don’t have to rush through calls. By taking away the hourly fee, Spadea Lignana is able to align interests and become an efficient, long-term partner in each client’s success.

"One of the things I really try to impress on clients is that they should never hesitate to give me a call," Harra said. “A lot of people are hesitant to call their attorney because of costs. But when we say we offer unlimited legal support, we really mean it. They have my number and I am a firm believer that there are no wrong questions.”

Today, what Harra cherishes most about his work with Spadea Lignana is the direct impact on his clients' success. 

“It's really all about the clients,” Harra said. “Seeing how much they truly care about their business and how excited they are makes me so happy, especially coming from the bank side where people are just moving numbers around. Here, I am working with entrepreneurs and business owners who are passionate about what they are doing.”

Overall, Harra's journey to Spadea Lignana showcases his dedication to finding a legal niche where he can make a tangible difference in his clients' lives, echoing the firm's ethos of personalized and empathetic legal counsel.

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