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TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Teams Up With ApplePie Capital to Help Franchisees Secure Financing

ApplePie has funded over $1.5 billion in loans since 2015, providing many financing options to many top brands and fueling growth and opportunity for franchisees.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®, a national, full-service moving company with more than 405 franchises and 3,000 trucks in operation across the U.S., Canada and the UK, has announced an exciting new partnership with franchising-focused lender ApplePie Capital. The dynamic relationship will help incoming and existing franchisees secure financing to start and scale their businesses. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with ApplePie as they understand our business model, brand promise and core values,” said ServiceMaster Brands Franchise Development Manager Jeremy Wallace. “They are impressed by our story and eager to help our franchisees take their growth plans to the next level. This partnership provides new franchisees coming into the system and existing owners looking to grow a streamlined and efficient process for securing capital.”

ApplePie Capital is different from other lenders in that they focus exclusively on franchising and offer a full range of financing options, all focused on getting franchise owners the right capital at the right time to accelerate their growth.

“Every year, we look at thousands of Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs) to find the brands that are showing the strongest growth and the best track records of unit-level economics,” said ApplePie Capital Vice President of Business Development Jamie Davis. “We are very selective and are focused only on franchise brands that have a desire to grow with a disruptive platform behind them. We pour the fuel on top of that fire with our financing, taking barriers out of the way to create a chemical reaction and become a catalyst of growth for great brands. This year, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK perfectly fit the bill.”

Davis says the ApplePie team was drawn to TWO MEN AND A TRUCK for several reasons. “It is an iconic franchise brand, and they are in a strong position with a great team in place,” he said. “What other franchise concepts out there have the operational model built into the name of the company? We are excited to help them accelerate growth across the country.”

ApplePie can help secure capital for new units, acquisitions, equipment loans, or refinance

out of Small Business Administration (SBA) debt and free up personal collateral. With ApplePie, franchisees can move into a fixed interest rate as well. They also have options that enable franchisees to use the ‘embedded equity’ in their current business as expansion capital.

“We connect franchisees with ApplePie, and then the folks at ApplePie take it and walk them through their application process,” said Wallace. “It is totally free for our franchisees and prospects to use their resources to get a view of what they may obtain in terms of financing.” 

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchisee Juan Gallegos in El Paso recently worked with ApplePie to secure the financing for his second unit in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Before becoming a franchisee, Gallegos worked at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK as a regional manager before winning the scholarship program to earn the franchise fee to open his own franchise. After two and a half years of ownership, Gallegos was ready to open a second location and looked to financing to do so.

“I had a conversation with the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK team, and we really determined that there was one thing holding me back from multi-unit ownership: funding,” he said. “So, they connected me with ApplePie Capital, and the process was smooth sailing from there.”

Davis says ApplePie will work with franchisees like Gallegos to help them leverage their cash flow to generate a higher EBITDA and unlock their equity to speed up the development process. This process can take as little as weeks, Davis says.

“What I enjoyed about ApplePie was that I was just working with just one person, Ben Lee, and he has been with me every step of the way,” said Gallegos. “I have his direct cell number, and he is always available with any info in terms of what I need to get the lending going. Here is a great example — I received a lease, and I thought everything was perfect, but there were some things that needed to be adjusted, so I sent it to ApplePie, and they found something that didn’t seem right. I was able to address it with the landlord. If they didn’t catch that, it would have been harder to secure financing later down the line.” 

Overall, Gallegos said working with ApplePie took the stress out of multi-unit ownership. “There are a lot of lenders you can go through, but what I found out is that there isn’t one as personable as ApplePie,” he said. 

Davis says ApplePie can also work with new TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise owners looking to open their first unit. “TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is approved at our highest level, so we can do pro-forma lending,” he said. “We can help a new franchisee in a new territory, and if they have the right kind of credit, they will be approved without going through the SBA, with a 10-year fixed rate, which in this environment is very important as rates continue to rise.”

Now, with this new partnership, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK will continue its impressive franchise expansion. So far this year, the brand celebrated its nine millionth move, opened 11 new locations and added 70 new trucks onto the road. 

“Financing growth capital initiatives for franchisees is absolutely a crucial piece of the puzzle, and having a partner like ApplePie Capital will help us secure that critical piece,” said Wallace. “As we continue to grow, their partnership will prove to be a differentiating factor for us, as most candidates don’t have the necessary capital to invest in a franchise right out of the gate. By having a reliable financing partner that can help anyone achieve their business dreams, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is once again finding a way to stand out in the marketplace.”

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