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How This Franchisee Is Charting a New Path in the Beauty Industry with Uni K Wax

From her background in corporate finance to becoming a business owner with the waxing, beauty, and skin care franchise, Nathalie Kanzki’s experience encapsulates the transformative power of embracing a brand that resonates personally and professionally.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 12/05/23

Nathalie Kanzki's journey from corporate finance to franchise owner is a tale of turning personal passion into professional triumph. As a seasoned expert in the corporate world, Kanzki had a  wealth of professional business acumen, but she was tired of using that expertise for the benefit of other people and not herself. After falling in love with Uni K Wax, the beauty franchise with a revolutionary natural wax and a skin-friendly approach to hair removal, she knew she had found something worth investing in. 

“I was looking for a way to apply my knowledge to my own personal benefit, as well as share something I was passionate about to the world,” Kanzki said. “When you have a good career, a good family life, good accomplishments — you start wanting a way to give back to other people.” 

The Path to Franchising

Before going down the entrepreneurial route, Kanzki spent over 20 years in the corporate finance field. And the decision to switch from a stable corporate career to the dynamic world of franchising was not made lightly — Kanzki spent three years contemplating her options. Around the same time, she started visiting a nearby Uni K Wax studio for regular waxing.

“I really fell in love with this wonderful product,” said Kanzki. “I was a dedicated client for 10 years and I introduced it to my whole family. When I learned the brand was franchising, I was very excited for an opportunity to share my passion with other people.”

Uni K Wax was founded in 1993 when Noemi Grupenmager, frustrated by the poor waxing options for her daughters, began her pursuit for a better way to deliver waxing services. She created a proprietary, natural and elastic wax to replace the industry’s standard process of using painful honey wax and paper strips. To accompany this skin-friendly wax, she designed a precise technique of application and removal to optimize comfort and reduce service time, applying at body temperature and across wider surfaces. Today, Uni K Wax studios offer a dynamic blend of 160 waxing services — body, bikini/commando and face — for unisex customers.

How Uni K Wax Positions Franchisees for Success

Uni K Wax’s streamlined business model, which boasts smaller room requirements and leads to faster service, provides prospective franchisees a standout opportunity in the market. Franchisees are granted easy access to proprietary products through an in-house distribution facility in Miami. Beyond distribution, Uni K Wax supports franchise owners on every level, including marketing assistance, real estate and site development, technology, recruitment tools, training, vendors and equipment, grand opening and much more. 

Kanzki officially opened her Uni K Wax studio of Cutler Bay, FL in April 2022. “The business is growing, there is no doubt about that,” said Kanzki. “Prior to opening, we spent three months doing marketing. That was very eye-opening. You have to introduce the brand to a lot of people, which I enjoy. We can’t wait to reach out and tap into this market more.”

Overall, Kanzki says her alignment with Uni K Wax's values — a fusion of passion and hard work — has been a key driver of her success. She emphasizes the importance of setting the right tone and culture in her studio, reflecting on how her passion makes the hard work enjoyable. 

“The values and the passion you have are your motivation for everything,” said Kanzki. “I already had the passion, and the Uni K team met me with the same enthusiasm. It doesn’t feel like work when you love what you are doing. Initially, I was nervous about opening a business — could I go from being in finance to being a people person? What you find out is that becoming a people person happens naturally when you are passionate about what you do.”

Why Now Is the Time to Join Uni K Wax

Looking to the future, Kanzki says her ambition doesn't stop at running one successful franchise. “Uni K Wax is 27 years old, but there is still a lot of growth potential,” she said. “The product is out of this world, and I still don’t understand how there aren’t more locations. I hope to partner with the leadership team and be an essential part of the brand’s overall expansion.”

The Uni K Wax team is aiming for purposeful franchise growth as it sets out to fill pent-up consumer demand across the country. The team hopes to find passionate franchisees like Kanzki in markets like Texas, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Nevada, aiming to add 30 to 50 new franchise locations annually.

"This is a franchise opportunity almost 30 years in the making," said Heather Elrod, Uni K Wax’s Executive Chair and Managing Partner at Conscious Capital Growth. "The product is superior, the experience is superior — that is why we have such raving fans, and why we believe Uni K Wax will be one of the fastest growing franchises in the country.”

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