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The State of the Waxing Industry: How Uni K Wax Is Leveraging the Explosive Growth of the Waxing Space

The traditional waxing industry is positioned to continue expanding for years to come, and with its proprietary wax and service model that is anything but traditional, Uni K Wax is prepared for even stronger growth.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 07/08/24

Uni K Wax has been known in the waxing industry for nearly 30 years as a primary hair removal solution for a wide range of consumers thanks to its ease and reliability. With accessibility increasing, more and more people are able to pursue waxing services, and customer demographics are expanding. This trend, combined with the ongoing innovation in the industry, has created the perfect incubator for a strong market and continued growth. Currently, the U.S. waxing industry is worth over $10 billion, and experts are projecting continued growth in the coming years.

“In 2021, the waxing salon industry, which includes waxing studios like Uni K, grew at nearly 6%. It’s a growing category, and the demographics we serve are also growing,” said Heather Elrod, executive chair at Uni K Wax. “We see a lot of younger teens getting waxed, and men looking to waxing for hair removal, too.”

Elrod added that a recent study revealed that nearly half of women ages 18 to 24 use waxing products, and more than 40% of women say that they prefer waxing as their primary method of hair removal. This is largely due to the challenges associated with shaving, like ingrown hairs, skin irritation and daily upkeep. These issues alone are enough to drive consumers toward the waxing industry, and Uni K Wax’s proprietary methods only serve to elevate the consumer experience even further.

“While what we provide at Uni K Wax is in line with the method of hair removal that the average person would think of when they hear ‘waxing,’ we aren’t quite ‘traditional.” said Elrod. “I’m not worried about the future of the market at all, but with Uni K Wax’s unique offerings, we’re even better positioned to take advantage of this upcoming growth.”

Uni K Wax’s pine-based wax is all natural, elastic and gentle on the skin, meaning it is a preferred waxing solution for many customers who previously experienced irritation or sensitivity with standard wax. Further, Uni K Wax follows the highest hygienic standards, dedicating a single wax warmer to each customer to avoid any chance of cross-contamination and further ease customers’ minds.

The brand’s proprietary flexible wax also allows technicians to offer touch-up services. Due to the elasticity of the wax, it can adhere to shorter, finer hairs, allowing customers to be waxed every two weeks as opposed to the month-plus regrowth times required for standard waxing.  

“I think customers who have tried waxing before and had poor experiences due to skin sensitivity, lack of efficacy or drawn-out regrowth periods will find that Uni K Wax will absolutely work for them,” Elrod said. “What consumers want is an efficacious service and a hygienic environment, which is what we provide. We work for all skin types and all skin tones, and we provide a high level of customer service that can’t be found in standard waxing studios. And the experience is great, which is why our Google rating is an average of 4.8 — much higher than all the competition.”

As the waxing industry continues to offer a future with plenty of room for growth, Uni K Wax plans to open 300 locations in the next five years, targeting new development in Tennessee, Colorado, Ohio, Arizona, Texas, the Carolinas and Georgia as it expands from its strongholds in Florida and New York.

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