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Why This Multi-Brand Franchisee Brought Uni K Wax to Miami

Hector and Claudia Morales, the husband-and-wife team with several beauty franchises under their belt, opened one Uni K Wax salon in Coral Gables and recently purchased a second location in South Beach.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 02/21/24

Hector and Claudia Morales are the husband-and-wife franchisee duo and beauty gurus continuing the 20+ year Miami expansion of Uni K Wax, the franchise redefining the waxing industry with its unique approach to skin-friendly hair removal.

Hector and Claudia's entrepreneurial spirit was kindled in the world of retail management. With a background in technology for Hector, moving through the ranks at prominent companies like Office Depot, Circuit City, AT&T and OfficeMax, and Claudia's rise to district manager for a tanning salon, their paths were paved with diverse experiences. 

Their foray into the beauty and wellness industry began with an Elements Massage franchise, laying the groundwork for their eventual venture into Uni K Wax

“We did very well with Elements — we purchased an existing studio and turned it around to the highest performing studio in Florida,” Hector said. “My wife brings a lot of experience in the beauty industry and membership-run businesses, which was very helpful.”

When it comes to Uni K Wax, their interest in the franchise stemmed from Claudia’s long-term patronage and love for their product. But she wasn’t the only one. 

“I was a client too, so I know how difficult it can be to find a unisex waxing [product], but the Uni K Wax product really stood out,” Hector said. “It was clearly the best wax out there.”

Uni K Wax enhances the waxing process for all parties involved, including clients, staff and franchisees. The signature ElastiKWax™, made of beeswax and a unique pine tree resin, offers a natural, eco-friendly alternative to conventional painful waxing methods. Its elasticity facilitates faster, simultaneous waxing of multiple body areas. This is designed to streamline the waxing experience, not only for customers, but also franchise owners. The brand's elastic wax, for example, is applied at body temperature, which allows for a smoother and faster application. Plus, Uni K Wax franchisees are granted easy access to proprietary products thanks to the brand’s in-house distribution facility in Miami. This also does away with many of the third-party manufacturer fees most competitors are forced to pay. 

While Hector and Claudia were sold as Uni K Wax customers, the duo didn’t have the means to make the franchise investment at first, but their success with other businesses opened the doors for more opportunities. 

In 2020, Hector and Claudia purchased the Coral Gables Uni K Wax location from an owner who was relocating to New York. "It was a great opportunity to jump in," Hector said. 

Since then, Hector says they’ve continued to expand their portfolio, investing in a Deka Lash franchise as well. Despite their array of franchising experience, Hector says their relationship with Uni K Wax has been uniquely rewarding. 

“The unparalleled support provided by Uni K Wax truly sets it apart,” Hector said. “Currently owning three franchises, I can attest to the unique level of guidance and insight Uni K Wax offers. Their team, deeply knowledgeable about sales strategies and brand improvement, acts as an invaluable sounding board. Additionally, the passion of the training team for both the product and the brand really mirrors our own enthusiasm, which makes the journey even more satisfying."

In addition to focusing on his own studio, Hector is involved in the Uni K Wax Franchise Advisory Council, where he provides insights and feedback for the entire franchise system. He was also an integral part of rolling out the brand’s new membership program.

Now, Hector and Claudia's ambitions extend beyond the success of a single location. With the recent decision to open another location in South Beach, they show no signs of slowing down. 

"The biggest goal for us is to own more of the South Florida territory," Hector said. “We really love the brand and the product and we want to own as many locations as possible.

With Uni K Wax's innovative approach to waxingimpressive AUVs and a franchisee-focused model, franchisees like Hector and Claudia are poised for significant growth across the country. The team is looking for qualified and passionate franchise owners in markets like Texas, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Nevada.

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