73 Percent of Workout Anytime Franchisees Own More Than One Location
73 Percent of Workout Anytime Franchisees Own More Than One Location

Franchisees and executives of the 140-unit, fast-growing franchise brand share insight on why the brand has created so many multi-unit owners

A marker of success for a thriving franchise concept is growth from within, signifying proof of concept and validation of the brand. For Workout Anytime, a fast-growing, 140-unit, 24-hour fitness brand, a whopping 73 percent of its franchise system owns more than one unit. With its sights set on national growth, Workout Anytime has taken 2017 by storm, fueled by existing franchisees adding new territories to their portfolios and new franchisees joining the system.

So what is it about Workout Anytime business model that encourages multi-unit ownership? In a nutshell, its simplicity allows for ease of operations and scalability.

“It’s a pretty simple operation, with minimal staff and no inventory,” said senior vice president of development Randy Trotter. “Our model doesn’t have juice bars, child care, pools, racquetball or other amenities that don’t make the franchisee money and are difficult to manage. We have the best workout per square foot in the industry. Because of our convenient locations, a member could stop by for a quick workout or stay longer for group or one-on-one personal training.”

This focus on simplicity, along with the brand’s membership-based model that provides recurring revenue, has opened up the doors to growth as many franchisees find success with their first club and quickly see how easy it is to open another.

Steven Elliott, a Workout Anytime franchise owner with seven locations in Alabama and Tennessee, and an 8th set to open by the end of 2017, is just one example of a franchisee who has found success by scaling. A former physical therapist, Elliott found his path to multi-unit franchise ownership after researching fitness franchises and honing in on Workout Anytime.

“Since I have experience as a physical therapist, I only looked into other gym franchises. The low startup fee, operating cost and ROI with Workout Anytime is what sold me,” he added. “As my locations continue to do well, I’m going to keep growing. I want to open one every year.”

Elliott also identifies the popularity of fitness concepts, the trend of healthy living continuing to rise and the emphasis on value when it comes to gym memberships as other reasons Workout Anytime stood out to him.

“Customers and franchisees get value with Workout Anytime. Since the startup cost for the brand is so low, I am able to open more locations as we see success,” Elliott said. “Plus, the low fees and month-to-month membership model is appealing to our customers. Joining our gym is simple and affordable, but at the same time, we have the best workout available per square foot. We have a true gym atmosphere, but we have the equipment to satisfy people in all stages of fitness.”

Elliott boils down his plans to continuing his growth with Workout Anytime into one simple reason.

“The cost for doing business with Workout Anytime is very reasonable and thus makes you want to grow as a franchisee,” he said. “You can open multiple Workout Anytime locations for the price it would take to purchase one location of another gym.”

With Workout Anytime, what you see is truly what you get, and that commitment to simplicity will enable the brand to continue to build upon the growth and momentum achieved in 2017.