Alabama Ripe With Possibilities for WORKOUT ANYTIME Growth
Alabama Ripe With Possibilities for WORKOUT ANYTIME Growth

Teeming with untapped potential, WORKOUT ANYTIME area representative says Alabama market is primed for new gyms.

The undeniable advantage of WORKOUT ANYTIME is that the brand can succeed in practically any market. The fitness franchise’s focus on inclusivity, 24 hours of operation, extremely affordable membership and high quality equipment, which can be tailored to anyone’s fitness goals, means that WORKOUT ANYTIME offers something for everyone.

WORKOUT ANYTIME Alabama area representative Steven Elliott has found that the southern state, too, is a prime market for the franchise, as it’s teeming with opportunities for growth and untapped potential.

Elliott, who opened his first WORKOUT ANYTIME business in 2011, wasn’t expecting the gym to become his full-time gig. A physical therapist, Elliott was part-owner of two clinics in Knoxville, Tennessee when a fellow therapist approached him about the WORKOUT ANYTIME opportunity. The duo opened their first location in Cleveland, Tennessee, and were amazed by how quickly the gym took off.

As their business began to grow, Elliott saw becoming more involved with WORKOUT ANYTIME as a career move that could change his life. He decided to buy the rights to Alabama. Now, he owns seven locations between Tennessee and Alabama, and is planning on opening two more Alabama locations within the year. For Elliott, the decision to become an area representative, as well as a franchisee, was a natural one. 

“I’ve always liked business, starting things and watching them grow,” says Elliott. “Once I experienced how financially rewarding the WORKOUT ANYTIME model can be, I just wanted to be more involved with it. If I can help others start their businesses, that means I get to be involved with the actual growth of the company.”

Elliott has found that the Alabama market is ripe with opportunity for new franchisees, saying that there’s room for 30 to 40 more locations. Circling back to how WORKOUT ANYTIME can succeed anywhere, the brand has found lots of success in smaller towns, where it wouldn’t make sense for mega-gyms, like Lifetime Fitness, to open. According to Elliott, Alabama has plenty of these smaller, untapped markets.

The WORKOUT ANYTIME model is relatively affordable compared to other fitness franchises, making it easier for franchisees to open locations in smaller areas that don’t necessarily rely on a large volume of membership. And because of the fitness brand’s “Think Big, Keep it Simple and Do it with Integrity” philosophy, franchisees are enabled to focus on simply running their business to the best of their abilities. A potential franchisee can open a WORKOUT ANYTIME franchise with only $150,000 down.

“As an area representative, you know the business from the corporate side, but you also understand what it’s like on the ground,” says Elliott. “When someone signs on, part of being in a franchise system is not having to figure it all out for yourself. New franchisees go to Atlanta for training, but it doesn’t end there. When they come back to Alabama, I’m very hands on with helping them find a location and offer advice about what they should be looking for. Once they get going, we can make sure they understand how to set processes up properly. And when they open, I can go on site with them so they have on-the-ground support.”

As evident from Elliott’s hands-on approach, a WORKOUT ANYTIME franchisee is truly never without support.