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CNN Health: How To Be Safe During Home Workouts

Workout Anytime vice president of fitness and education Greg Maurer discusses healthy practices for exercising at home.

By Matt Markir1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 1:13PM 04/19/22

In a recent article for CNN HealthGreg Maurer, vice president of fitness and education at Workout Anytime, offers insight and tips on how to stay safe during home exercise routines.

In the article, Maurer notes how having a personal trainer can help avoid injuries and explains the advantages of conducting exercise activities outdoors.

A qualified personal trainer is helpful in setting fitness goals, developing a customized program and teaching you exactly how to perform certain movements in order to avoid injury. Maurer points out that one only needs a personal trainer for a few sessions to have a positive impact.

He also elaborates on studies that show a benefit to the body from exercising outside. "Having sunlight enter your eyes is an extremely potent stimulus on your body," Maurer said. "There's a lot going on physiologically when you're outside, whether you realize it or not."

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