Hometown News: Workout Anytime Opens in Brevard County
Hometown News: Workout Anytime Opens in Brevard County

Workout Anytime Franchisee Yvette Miletti Opens New Location in Brevard County to Offer 24 Hour Gym Access to Residents.

Franchise brand Workout Anytime is opening a new location in Brevard County. 

The Hometown News reporter spoke with Workout Anytime Franchisee Yvette Miletti about the details for the new location and what local residents can expect from this new 24 hour gym access. 

Said Miletti to the Hometown News, "We will have video surveillance and emergency panic buttons around the gym should someone need them for assistance. We will have staff randomly in after hours to check on the facility and the members.”

You can view the entire article here: http://www.hometownnewsbrevard.com/news/new-gym-offers-ability-to-workout-anytime/article_ebc92e70-0b75-11e8-8906-5b703f4a8061.html