How WORKOUT ANYTIME Helps Entrepreneurs Fulfill New Year’s Resolutions in More Ways Than One
How WORKOUT ANYTIME Helps Entrepreneurs Fulfill New Year’s Resolutions in More Ways Than One

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just about weight loss. With the help of WORKOUT ANYTIME, the new year can symbolize the start of a new career, too.

When the last piece of pie has been eaten and the tinsel has been put away, people begin to turn their thoughts to the New Year and the personal and professional goals they want to achieve. Whether it’s hitting the gym more than once a month, buying less and saving more or kicking the $4.20-a-day cappuccino habit, more than 40 percent of all Americans usually set New Year’s resolutions.

The desire to stay fit and healthy tops the list, with 37 percent of respondents aiming to make weight loss their goal, says a Nielsen study. In fact, Americans spend many tens of billions every year in the hope of keeping resolutions to lose weight, get fit, quit smoking, fix their finances, organize their closets — on and on. Last year, we spent $62 billion on health club memberships, weight-loss programs, exercise tapes, diet soda and the like, according to projections from Marketdata Enterprises, a market research firm. That’s good news for companies like WORKOUT ANYTIME, of course, which sees a noticeable spike in memberships each January. And with month-to-month memberships hovering around $15, WORKOUT ANYTIME gym-goers can not only meet their fitness goals, but their financial goals, too, with no long-term commitment required.

“We get the majority of our membership base for the year based on the New Year resolutions group,” said Randy Trotter, the Senior Vice President of Development for WORKOUT ANYTIME. “People sign up for our month-to-month contract and don’t need to feel threatened by big long-term commitments like a lot of other gyms require. We find that because the price point is so low, people will keep their membership year after year just to have access to a club.”

Having that kind of reliable recurring revenue year after year is a big draw for potential franchisees on the hunt for a sound business investment, too—but it’s not the only thing. Every year, as thousands of people make resolutions to lose weight, countless more are pledging to make an even bigger life change—to finally leave corporate America and become their own boss.

“Like the old saying, ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life,’ it’s never a bad time to start moving your career in a better direction,” Trotter said. “If you excel in leadership and team building, a franchise opportunity is the best path to business ownership. And many are finding that WORKOUT ANYTIME is the ideal first step to finally making that transition from a corporate nine-to-five job to the flexible lifestyle of being your own boss.”

Designed to be convenient and affordable, value price gyms like WORKOUT ANYTIME are the future of franchise business concepts. With more than 100 units and counting, the brand has emerged as the leading force in the industry. Most WORKOUT ANYTIME franchise owners qualify for a club with only $150,000 down, providing a low investment model that opens the door for franchisees to pursue business ownership at an affordable price.

Clubs also fit into a range of retail spaces, can be run by a tiny staff, and offer the best workout per square foot in the industry. Unprofitable amenities like pools, spas, gym courts, aerobics classes and childcare have been eliminated in favor of a low, no-commitment price that keeps members onboard month after month. Franchisees can join WORKOUT ANYTIME with little or no experience in the fitness industry. Yet, turnkey systems, vendor agreements, equipment sourcing and leasing support makes it easy to get started and easy to succeed. The brand’s semi-absentee model also makes it easy for franchisees to invest in the brand and make key business decisions while simultaneously keeping other commitments.

“WORKOUT ANYTIME is a different kind of franchise. We offer freedom and lifestyle—our owners don’t necessarily need to be in their gyms every single day,” Trotter said. “As our low investment model continues to catch the attention of franchisees across the country, this can finally be the year that hopeful entrepreneurs can finally make the leap into business ownership.”