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How Workout Anytime is Keeping Members Active and Connected During COVID-19 Gym Closures

Workout Anytime is leveraging its mobile app during the coronavirus outbreak, which provides members with workouts they can do at home to remain healthy and active.

With many gyms across the United States being closed due to COVID-19, many clubs are struggling to connect with members under these new and challenging circumstances.

Mark de Gorter, COO of Workout Anytime, talked with Club Solutions Magazine about the steps Workout Anytime is taking to help keep its members active while gyms are temporarily closed. The 24/7 fitness brand is using its mobile app that features at-home workouts that can be done with no equipment and offers hundreds of other exercises to do at home.

“We’ve been able to work with Virtuagym to accelerate the rollout of access to at-home workouts,” said de Gorter told the publication. “We’ve seen our users almost double in just one week. We’re combining that with Workouts of the Day. Those have been well received. We’re trying to create a virtual club — we don’t just want one solution; we want as many as you’d have if you walked into one of our live classes.”

There are also three things the fitness brands can do keep their members and community connected and active, according to de Gorter:

  • Stay connected with the members at all times, including phone calls. 
  • Do the things inside your club that during the daily whirlwind, you don’t have time to do. 
  • Use tech tools to maintain class structures and personal training services to maintain revenue. 

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