How WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Simple Approach to Real Estate Sets Franchisees Up for Success
How WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Simple Approach to Real Estate Sets Franchisees Up for Success

The brand’s site selection process isn’t just unique to the fitness industry, but to the franchising industry as a whole.

A business’ location can make or break its success, especially in the booming fitness industry. Where a gym is located determines how many people in the area sign up for memberships, which ultimately impacts its bottom line. That’s why WORKOUT ANYTIME, the nation’s leading 24/7 fitness franchise, has developed a unique approach to securing real estate that sets its franchisees up for success.

Of course, the brand does its homework when scouting potential locations. WORKOUT ANYTIME takes factors like population and income levels into account in order to determine whether or not a gym will thrive in a specific community. However, WORKOUT ANYTIME’s due diligence doesn’t stop there. The brand goes above and beyond to ensure that it’s getting the best possible deal for its local owners.

One of the ways it does this is by building and maintaining relationships with real estate professionals. Randy Trotter, WORKOUT ANYTIME’S vice president of development, says those relationships give the brand a critical competitive advantage.

“Personally, I’ve had my real estate license for 15 years in six different states, and I’m a part of the International Council of Shopping Centers. That experience and involvement has allowed me to build relationships with key players in the industry, which has in turn helped WORKOUT ANYTIME secure ideal locations,” said Trotter. “We go above and beyond to put our franchisees in a position to get their businesses up and running quickly.”

WORKOUT ANYTIME also typically negotiates nine months of free rent for its franchisees. The brand removes that cost from its local owners’ plates in order to give them the time and energy needed to focus on construction and building a loyal customer base.

This unique approach to real estate has not gone unnoticed by its franchisees. Aaron Davis, a new WORKOUT ANYTIME owner in South Carolina, has years of franchising experience under his belt. He currently owns 17 Little Caesars restaurants along with his business partner DJ Jordan. But he says that WORKOUT ANYTIME’s process of finding and securing real estate is a complete game changer.

“I’ve handled about a dozen leases over the course of my franchising career. But I’ve never had someone go to bat for me the way that WORKOUT ANYTIME’s team did,” Davis said. “The brand connected me with one of their preferred brokers, and from day one she worked harder than anyone I’ve ever worked with. Her knowledge of WORKOUT ANYTIME’s concept and the real estate market allowed me to ink the perfect deal. The entire experience was first class from beginning to end.”

As WORKOUT ANYTIME opens up its doors in new communities across the country, it will continue to guide its franchisees throughout the entire real estate process. Its approach allowed the brand to pass the 100-unit mark earlier this year, which is a milestone that few franchise brands have reached.

“Every part of WORKOUT ANYTIME’s concept is incredibly well thought out. From locking down leases to creating your email signature, they make sure you know how to best execute their proven system,” said Davis. “I’m eager to continue growing with the brand, and look forward to working with the corporate team to find more locations to open up first rate fitness centers.”