Independent Tribune: WORKOUT ANYTIME Opens in Concord, North Carolina
Independent Tribune: WORKOUT ANYTIME Opens in Concord, North Carolina

Stephen Jackson wanted to open his own business without reinventing the wheel, so he went the franchising route with WORKOUT ANYTIME.

Looking for a new business concept to invest with, Stephen Jackson wanted to continue to grow a proven concept. He did this by recently opening a WORKOUT ANYTIME gym in Concord, NC.
“As a franchise, we receive incredible support from the franchisor, whose goal is to help make you a success,” Jackson said. “They recognize the strength of their brand is in their franchises and they do everything they can to help each individual franchise be a huge success.”
The convenient, low-cost facility offers amenities and 24/7 access, but Jackson is looking forward to using his business to positively impact the community as well as provide a top fitness facility.
“We desire to set ourselves apart from the competition by helping all members start a journey in fitness to get into the best shape of their life,” Jackson said. “Our motto is, ‘We’re here for you 24/7.’ Whether you are just beginning in the gym or you are training for a serious event, our staff and personal trainers are here to help you achieve your goals and celebrate with you every step of the way.”
They just opened, but Jackson and his team already have form great relationship with area businesses and schools and fundraisers.
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