Level Up: How Workout Anytime Leverages Unparalleled Training to Give Its Franchisees an Edge
Level Up: How Workout Anytime Leverages Unparalleled Training to Give Its Franchisees an Edge

The 24-7 fitness brand combines a high-value online learning platform with targeted in-person training for a robust education that empowers team members at every level and improves unit-level operations

Since its founding by John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland in 1999, 24-hour fitness concept Workout Anytime has grown to over 170 locations nationwide and proven the effectiveness of its model, recently achieving its highest average unit volume in company history. With an accessible membership model, certified personal coaching services and a system of franchisees who themselves are staple figures of their local communities, Workout Anytime is delivering on its promise to bring affordable, effective fitness solutions to members nationwide.

But it’s not only Workout Anytime’s unparalleled offering that has made it one of the premier value-priced gym brands in the country. The brand also embodies a strong business opportunity for prospective franchisees thanks to next-level training that extends to owners and staff alike.

Greg Maurer is the Vice President of Fitness for Workout Anytime, a role in which he covers all things training- and development-related. According to Maurer, Workout Anytime strategically leverages technology to support its in-person training across its entire franchise system.

Our education process starts with Bridge, which is a learning management system we’ve invested in,” said Maurer. “It allows us to curate and deliver content with assigned completion dates for accountability. Users can get feedback on the platform, which is also mobile-friendly. My job is to take everything that franchisees and their team members need to know in each job function and create a program of learning that includes all this information.”

Bridge learning programs consist of a targeted, video-based course of about 10 to 15 minutes, with accompanying bullets to illustrate key themes. Short graded quizzes follow the courses to assess comprehension.

“It’s a completely scalable, 24-7 classroom,” Maurer said.

Whether a new coach for a given Workout Anytime location or a recently-signed-on owner, each addition to the Workout Anytime system is assigned a relevant instructional program on Bridge to complete before live training.

“Completing the learning program is a priority before someone comes to live training because as powerful a tool as online training is, it can’t replace in-person, interactive learning,” said Maurer. “As part of our Workout Anytime University system, we offer live training for everyone from franchisees to sales professionals to coaches in a format we call the Workout Anytime Academy. These are delivered here at home office and are focused on providing the learners with tools to make their franchise the most successful.” 

Maurer further explained that Workout Anytime’s executive-led Academies break down into three main divisions: a New Franchisee Training Academy, a Sales Training Academy and a Profitable Personal Training Academy. The first, a 10-day training for franchisees who have signed on and are preparing to launch their business, focuses on “getting the club open in the shortest time possible with the highest number memberships already in place before opening,” according to Maurer. The second two-day training provides development for club-level front-end staff, offering insight on boosting membership sales and leveraging Workout Anytime’s marketing resources. The final academy lasts for four days and equips owners with the knowledge they need before supplementing their Workout Anytime location with personal training services. All three academies take place at the Workout Anytime home office in Atlanta.

“We do a better job of educating than anyone else out there,” emphasized Maurer. “If you’re not getting the support you need to know how to run your business, you’ll never be as successful as you could be. It’s not just about having the tools, but knowing how to best use them.”

So what does Maurer want members of the Workout Anytime team to remember when it comes to education?

“If our franchisees use our technology and development tools properly, they’re gamechangers,” Maurer said. “The fitness business is changing all the time, so you don’t want to be the franchise that’s not staying modern. A big part of that is, ‘How is the brand generating learning within its network?’ And in that category, Workout Anytime is the clear winner.”