Simple Model and Strong Return on Investment Differentiate WORKOUT ANYTIME from the Competition
Simple Model and Strong Return on Investment Differentiate WORKOUT ANYTIME from the Competition

From its affordable start-up costs to its proven franchise system, the brand boasts what every entrepreneur is looking for in a business ownership opportunity.

In the booming fitness segment of the franchising industry, there’s one brand that’s consistently outshining the competition: WORKOUT ANYTIME.

The brand is capitalizing on the fact that demand among consumers for top quality and affordable gym memberships is at an all-time high—WORKOUT ANYTIME’s value-priced membership model stands out to customers and prospective business owners alike. For just $15 a month, members gain 24/7 access to all of the brand’s locations. And with over 120 gyms currently operating and more centers opening their doors in communities across the country at a rapid rate, it’s clear that the brand is making the most of its strong growth potential.

“Every element that plays a role in our franchising opportunity is designed to set our franchisees up for success. From our low initial investment that has the potential to lead to strong revenue and returns to our simple business model that’s backed by a proven support system, we go above and beyond to provide entrepreneurs with a one of a kind chance to be a part of the increasingly popular fitness industry. Between our system and climbing demand, WORKOUT ANYTIME boasts what every aspiring owner is looking for when they want to start a business,” said Randy Trotter, senior vice president of development for WORKOUT ANYTIME.

The competitive advantages that come with launching a WORKOUT ANYTIME business begin with its ability to return on an affordable initial investment. Prospective owners can open up their own location for as little as $150,000 down, with WORKOUT ANYTIME offering third party financing and real estate assistance. 

“There’s no shortage of brand names out there when it comes to investing in a fitness concept. But what solidified my interest in WORKOUT ANYTIME over other brands is the fact that from an investment standpoint, the numbers themselves offered a minimal risk with the potential for incredibly large returns,” said Mike Mufarreh, WORKOUT ANYTIME’s area developer and franchisee in Chicago, Illinois. “Ever since I signed my agreement with WORKOUT ANYTIME three years ago, the brand has been exceeding my expectations. If you follow their system and use the support system that’s in place to your advantage, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to succeed.”

Beyond providing a system that’s designed to be profitable for franchisees, WORKOUT ANYTIME’s model is also simple and easy to scale. More than 63 percent of the brand’s owners are multi-unit operators, proving that WORKOUT ANYTIME enables aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into consumers in multiple communities. And in order to help franchisees take their businesses to the next level, the brand’s corporate team is 100 percent committed to providing support and guidance when needed.

“What makes WORKOUT ANYTIME so unique is its attention to detail. Even though there are over 100 clubs operating across the country, the brand’s corporate team is still invested in my success on a local level. Whenever I have a question or need to bounce an idea off of someone, I know that they’re going to take my call and guide me through what I need,” said Bill Cesak, a WORKOUT ANYTIME franchisee in Watkinsville, Georgia. “The brand is really in a sweet spot when it comes to development. We’re growing at an incredibly rapid pace, but there’s still plenty of room for other local owners to come on board and open up their own gyms in key markets. That’s another reason why I decided to invest with the brand—I know I can expand my reach as an entrepreneur down the line by opening up more locations.”

By going the extra mile to ensure that its model is attractive to business owners—and their customers—WORKOUT ANYTIME is continuing to attract top tier entrepreneurs. And with its sights set on breaking into new development markets in the months and year ahead, the brand is well on its way to opening its next 100 locations at a record rate.

“The growth that we’ve experienced over the past few years has been exponential, and we’re not expecting that trend to slow down,” said Trotter. “We’re confident that our business model is the one to beat in the fitness industry, and we’re eager to welcome more passionate and driven entrepreneurs into our system going forward.”