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Top 5 Reasons to Become a WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchisee

From its affordable and proven business model to position as a rapidly growing concept in the fitness franchising industry, the brand offers its local owners a long list of competitive advantages.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSOREDUpdated 11:11AM 08/09/17

It’s no secret that the fitness industry is on the rise. Consumers across the country are more focused on their health than ever before—from watching what they eat to making exercise a part of their daily routines, people are actively taking steps to stay fit. And as demand in the industry continues to rise, WORKOUT ANYTIME is positioned to enhance its reputation as the fitness franchise brand to beat.

The fitness franchise is attracting local owners at an incredibly rapid rate. With more than 140 locations across the country, it’s clear that the brand’s model is catching on among franchisees and consumers alike. And as WORKOUT ANYTIME has its eyes on continued development in key target markets like Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Central and South Florida in 2017, the brand is on pace to cross the 200-unit mark in the near future.

The list of reasons that entrepreneurs continue to sign on to develop the WORKOUT ANYTIME brand in their local communities is long and unique for each individual franchisee. But there are five top factors that owners consistently point to as being the main reasons they decided to invest with the brand.

1. The Fitness Segment is Booming

Joining WORKOUT ANYTIME’s ever-growing network of franchisees gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in on the ground level of a booming industry. Demand for gyms with state of the art equipment and affordable membership packages is climbing, and WORKOUT ANYTIME addresses both of those needs.

“The fitness segment of the franchising industry is only going to get bigger, and we plan on maintaining our position as a leader. With more consumers making their health a priority, WORKOUT ANYTIME has the ability to capitalize on that demand,” said Randy Trotter, WORKOUT ANYTIME’s senior vice president of development. “There’s no sign that this segment is going to slow down any time soon, which makes it the perfect time to make the investment and open up your own fitness business.”

2. WORKOUT ANYTIME is Affordable for Both Business Owners and Customers

While health and fitness are more of a priority for consumers across the country, the majority of those potential members can’t afford to spend a lot on their fitness routines on a monthly basis. That’s where WORKOUT ANYTIME’s value-priced membership model comes in. For just $15 a month, members gain 24/7 access to all of the brand’s locations.

That affordable model is also evident to its franchisees. WORKOUT ANYTIME’s system is designed to set its owners up for success, which includes making sure that the initial investment isn’t too overwhelming. Prospective owners can open up their own location for as little as $175,000 down, with WORKOUT ANYTIME providing third party financing and real estate assistance.

3. Opportunities for Growth Are Available Across the Country

Because WORKOUT ANYTIME is still ramping up development across the country, there are top tier markets that are open for franchisees to take over. While other fitness concepts have sold out or oversaturated key cities, WORKOUT ANYTIME is actively looking for local owners to develop the brand in those regions.

“We’re in the middle of a rapid growth trend that we don’t anticipate ending in the near future. There’s still room for WORKOUT ANYTIME to expand in communities across the country—we aren’t limiting our franchisees when it comes to territories that they can own,” said Trotter. “That’s incredibly unique in the fitness industry right now. There isn’t another brand out there that offers the same growth potential that we do.”

4. It Offers a Proven Business Model That’s Easy to Scale

That strong growth potential that WORKOUT ANYTIME offers its franchisees is also easily realized. The brand has perfected its franchise model for local owners to replicate in their own communities. And because its concept is so simple to follow, WORKOUT ANYTIME makes its multi-unit ownership opportunity accessible to its franchisees. 

“I ultimately decided to invest in WORKOUT ANYTIME over other fitness opportunities because it gives me the flexibility and support that I need to succeed. I can continue to grow my business without having to be in my gyms every day—I still work a corporate, full-time job. That goes to show that WORKOUT ANYTIME has its concept nailed down,” said Mike Mufarreh, owner of four WORKOUT ANYTIME locations and area developer in Chicago. “The brand makes it easy for its owners to add more locations to their line ups, which ultimately opens the door to the potential for very large returns on your investment.”

5. WORKOUT ANYTIME Combines Strong Support with a Flexible Schedule

It’s rare to find a franchise concept—especially in the fitness industry—that doesn’t require its owners to be in the gym every single day. But by training its franchisees to hire the right staff, WORKOUT ANYTIME franchisees have the opportunity to be semi-absentee owners if they so choose. The brand also offers its local owners unparalleled support from a corporate standpoint—WORKOUT ANYTIME’s entire team is committed to helping its owners thrive.

“WORKOUT ANYTIME is not just a gym. We’re big enough to provide our members with a quality workout, but we’re small enough to still have a family environment where we have a personal relationship with each customer that walks through our doors,” said Steven Elliott, one of the brand’s multi-unit franchisees who operates six clubs in Tennessee and Alabama. “That’s what makes us so unique, especially as the fitness industry becomes more popular. Our concept is designed to help enhance people’s lives, from our members looking to be healthy to other franchisees looking to run their own business.”

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