Workout Anytime Dominates Texas Fitness Landscape in Q1 2018
Workout Anytime Dominates Texas Fitness Landscape in Q1 2018

Under new Southwest Area Developer Jimmy Mak, the 24/7 fitness franchise has signed 16 new locations in 2018

In November 2017, 1851franchise.com reported on the newest member of Workout Anytime’s franchise development team, Southwest Area Developer Jimmy Mak. At the time, Mak had high hopes for the future success of the brand in the state of Texas, telling 1851 he hoped to have 10 to 12 new signings in Texas for 2018.

Mak is already being forced to re-evaluate that goal; Mak and Workout Anytime have already crushed their initial projection with a total of 16 locations signed in Texas in Q1.

“The first quarter growth was insane. We projected 10-15 clubs by end of year which some folks already thought was aggressive,” said Mak. “To smash that in Q1 with deals for 16 new clubs was really exciting to see.”

Coming into 2018, Workout Anytime had just three Texas locations in the pipeline, in Princeton, Hurst, and Duncanville. With Mak’s own Texas flagship location in Plano having just opened in June, the brand now has four active clubs, and Texans across the state will soon see the franchise’s explosive growth in other new markets across the state.

“We have gotten off to a tremendous start in Plano with over 2,000 new members,” said Mak. On top of that, we have signed four new leases in South Arlington, Anna, Casa Vista Dallas, and Lake Worth. We also have 2 LOI’s in Highland Village and Durant, OK. And we are looking at real estate for nine other new clubs, mostly in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.”

Outside of the Dallas area, things are likewise heating up for the growing fitness concept, as Mak has received interest from prospective franchisee partners in all corners of the Lone Star State.

“We are looking right now in Waco and Houston, I have someone close to signing for multiple locations in Austin, and interest in San Antonio as well,” said Mak. “Prospects see that the Workout Anytime model works. The clubs have state of the art equipment and the feedback from the members has been nothing short of incredible.”

While the Workout Anytime executive team had incredible faith in Mak and his industry experience to lead the way in Texas, Senior Vice President of Development Randy Trotter admits they are blown away by the early pace of development in the Southwest.

“Texas has been on our priority list for a while, and what Jimmy has been able to do in just a few months is nothing short of incredible,” said Trotter. “The quantity of the deals he’s signed has been remarkable, but he’s also bringing in quality franchise partners with experience in franchising that see great growth potential with Workout Anytime.”

During the rest of the year, Mak and his team are determined to keep the momentum achieved in Q1, and revised goal for the rest of 2018 speaks volumes about his confidence in how Texans are receiving the concept.

“With 16 already locked down in Q1, we are now projecting an additional 10 to 14 new signings for the rest of the year,” said Mak. “Franchisees in Texas are embracing our model and recognize the solid infrastructure and hands-on corporate support. It’s a healthy business and people are seeing that and buying in.”

One of those new franchisees is Brad Wallace, a former investment banker-turned-franchisee. He began his franchising journey with Jan-Pro, eventually growing to develop more than 100 unit franchisees in New York. Wallace recently relocated back to his hometown of Dallas and ventured into new a franchise segment by signing to open five Workout Anytime clubs in Northern Dallas.

“I was drawn to Workout Anytime because fitness is a category that’s not going away anytime soon,” said Wallace. “It’s a stable, growing industry, and I like that I’m getting in with Workout Anytime during a time of incredible growth for the brand. I like the business model, which offers an attractive work/life balance, and is pretty easy to scale.”

Wallace notes that in addition to the business model, Workout Anytime’s value proposition also drew him to the brand.

“I lived in Manhattan for 11 years and every month there was a new boot camp or CrossFit concept popping up. There’s nothing wrong with those types of businesses, but for me, they seem like fads. Workout Anytime is tried and true, and in a more stable part of the fitness industry.”