WORKOUT ANYTIME Expanding In Kansas City, Kansas
WORKOUT ANYTIME Expanding In Kansas City, Kansas

Vice President of Development for the brand Randy Trotter is confident the business model will succeed in the city.

There’s no better time to WORKOUT ANYTIME than in the Midwest. The aptly-named, all-hours health club franchise company offering “no nonsense” memberships will soon be expanding its presence and shrinking waist lines in Kansas City, Kansas.
“We’ve seen incredible success by keeping our costs low and value high, for both club owners and members. It’s a winning combination that Kansas City residents are bound to appreciate,” asserts Vice President of Development Randy Trotter.
With hundreds of locations from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine already thriving, Trotter plans to add more locations in the upcoming months. Specifically, the franchise is looking to open eight to 10 new clubs in the Kansas City area in the next several years.
So what makes Trotter so confident? For one thing, he’s in good company. Armed with over 40 years of fitness industry experience, WORKOUT ANYTIME founders, John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland, have created a simple, smart and profitable system that’s putting the buck into the brag.
“We offer a lean formula for value-priced clubs that is swiftly reinventing the fitness industry,” Trotter explains. “Because, without WORKOUT ANYTIME, running a club is just not that simple.”
And we’ve all seen it. Poor management, hyper-aggressive sales teams and contracts, and overspending on amenities have left gym club owners, employees, buildings and members literally standing out in the cold.
WORKOUT ANYTIME, on the other hand, seems to understand the fitness industry like a marathon runner knows their race route. Low overhead, low staffing requirements, and the best workout per square foot in the industry are just a few of their secrets to avoiding common pitfalls and ensuring speedy success for franchise owners.
Right out of the gate, WORKOUT ANYTIME provides site selection and lease negotiation services at no cost to the franchise owner, applying expert evaluation of demographics, access, parking, visibility, tenant mix, competition and club economics. In most cases, franchisees also receive a tenant improve allowance (that means cash), and up to six months of free rent.
But there’s something else about this franchise. A particular je ne sais quoi, an “x” factor, an alchemistic enigma. And it actually may have a name: happiness. From a business model that’s easy to operate to low membership costs, all involved with WORKOUT ANYTIME are fit for felicity, endorphins aflutter and wallets padded with spending cash.
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