Workout Anytime Franchisees Partner with Smoothie King to Strategically Develop Throughout the Southeast
Workout Anytime Franchisees Partner with Smoothie King to Strategically Develop Throughout the Southeast

Two health and wellness brands team up side-by-side to reach a like-minded demographic.

Before Smoothie King opened in December 2017, Workout Anytime members in Concord, North Carolina had few healthy choices to satisfy their post-workout appetites. With the recent addition, gym-goers can now walk right next door, pick up a nutritious smoothie tailored to their fitness goals and get a discount by being a Workout Anytime member.

“So many big box gyms incorporate in-house smoothie bars or cafes and the quality just isn’t there because they’re limited on what they can offer,” says Workout Anytime Regional Manager Elizabeth Demeyere. “By working with Smoothie King franchisees to strategically develop in the same complex, it’s mutually beneficial because we both get to specialize in our niche while capturing the same market demographic.”

Each day, Smoothie King sends over smoothie samples for different fitness goals such as slimming down or bulking up, along with pamphlets that break down caloric counts. At the new Smoothie King next door, Workout Anytime banners fill the store promoting a five-dollar membership enrollment fee in February for customers. Demeyere, who handles the Concord Workout Anytime Facebook page which has nearly 3,000 followers, cross-markets on the page to play up Smoothie King promotions including the #HowDoYouFriday five-dollar smoothie special the brand offers.

“Our franchises are synergistic in supporting the health and wellness goals of the individual. Being in such close proximity to Workout Anytime has allowed us to take our face-to-face marketing to the next level. People try a smoothie sample while they’re working out at the gym, pick up a menu and walk right next door to learn more,” says D&D Smoothie King Holdings LLC Regional Director Kevin Butler.

And this works on the reverse, as well. Customers who frequent Smoothie King are already interested in nutrition and health and are more likely to search for affordable fitness options like Workout Anytime that are in close proximity to their smoothie stop. Butler says that since the Smoothie King opened in December 2017, 15 to 20 percent of Concord Workout Anytime members have stopped into the location to get a discounted smoothie with their keycard – and this number is trending upwards.

The affordable fitness segment is growing rapidly, with value memberships up nearly 70 percent in 2017 and the fitness market as a whole expected to grow at 1.5 percent between now and 2022, according to market research firm IBISWorld. Atlanta-based Workout Anytime is leading this charge with 30 percent year-over-year growth and 43 new clubs added to the system just last year.

“We built great momentum in 2017 reaching 150 locations in operation and are on track to continue this growth in 2018 as a greater number of Americans embrace a healthier lifestyle and turn to reliable, affordable fitness options,” said Mark de Gorter, chief operating officer. “We’re excited about the strong franchisee partnerships we’ve built and hope to partner with new franchisees to strategically grow and expand our presence in markets across the U.S. and abroad.”

Building off the success of the Concord partnership, the two groups leading the Workout Anytime and Smoothie King side-by-side expansion are already gearing up for several new openings in 2018, including several new Smoothie King locations across the Carolinas and Florida to fill the need next to Workout Anytime locations already in operation. 

“All of our Workout Anytime members are looking to make a change for the better, and Smoothie King is now an additional healthy resource for them that’s just steps away from the gym,” says Demeyere. “We’ve seen great success from this partnership and are excited to see what 2018 brings as we expand our presence throughout the Southeast.”

To find out more about franchising opportunities with Workout Anytime, visit www.workoutanytimefranchise.com.