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Workout Anytime Launches Sprint 8 Class to Remain Competitive in the Fitness Industry

On-trend cardio interval workout provides Workout Anytime franchisees with a competitive advantage

By Nick Powills1851 Franchise Publisher
SPONSORED 3:15PM 08/30/18

High Intensity Interval Training classes, also known as HIIT, have grown in popularity in recent years due to their customizability for people of all shapes and sizes. In fact, HIIT and Small Group Training have been the top two trends in the industry over the past years, as reported by Club Industry. Workout Anytime launched Sprint 8 with MX4 Programs in mid-2018 to remain competitive in the fitness industry and provide customers and franchisees with a more affordable alternative to other pricey and trendy HIIT offerings. 

The pre-programmed MX4 training consists of a motivating exercise experience that delivers results for beginner, intermediate, advanced or elite athletes. MX4 programming provides a complete fitness solution including cardio, strength, power and endurance components in each workout.    Workouts take just 30 minutes and use specialized functional training equipment. The workout builds functional strength, burns fat and builds muscle faster with high-intensity interval training while also increasing aerobic capacity.

“HIIT training sessions are very popular in fitness right now, but they can be cost-prohibitive. Workout Anytime prides itself on offering convenience and affordability and making fitness a number one priority, and we seized the opportunity to provide our customers with HIIT at an affordable price,” said Workout Anytime Chief Operating Officer Mark de Gorter.

Sprint 8 is a research-proven HIIT workout that is built into cardio equipment at Workout Anytime locations as well as being offered in a small group format.    A hospital funded study showed that study participants lost an average of 27% of their body fat by doing three twenty-minute Sprint 8 workouts for 8 weeks!   

Both MX4 and Sprint 8 are available at many locations. Jerry Pugh, a franchise owner of four Workout Anytime locations, is excited to roll out Sprint 8 into his Homestead, Crossville, Cookeville and Daytona Beach locations over the next few months.

“I just got back from a meeting with the corporate team about Sprint 8 and my team is very excited to implement this at our franchise locations. Workout Anytime’s philosophy is about driving results and this program is definitely going to do that for our members. Once each member discovers the effectiveness of this class, they are going to be hooked. It’s a great opportunity for each franchisee because it’s going to make each location grow, flourish and differentiate the Workout Anytime brand from our competitors,” said Pugh.

“This is a big step for the Workout Anytime brand and we’re very excited for what’s ahead. We’re confident both MX4 and Sprint 8 are going to further position us as pioneer and leader within the value fitness industry and continue to deliver on our results-oriented positioning,” said de Gorter.