WORKOUT ANYTIME Offers Scalable and Sustainable Business Model That Stands Out From the Crowd
WORKOUT ANYTIME Offers Scalable and Sustainable Business Model That Stands Out From the Crowd

WORKOUT ANYTIME’s semi-absentee business model is helping franchises stay competitive in the fitness industry while helping them attain their lifestyle and financial goals.

The fitness industry, which generates $80 billion dollars annually, is booming. Even with a market filled with larger competitors, WORKOUT ANYTIME consistently comes out on top as an emerging force. Just like their mission statement says, “Think big. Keep it simple. Do it with integrity,” the company has developed a gym that meets the needs of their clients. WORKOUT ANYTIME has done this by combining convenience and affordability with state of the art equipment, while also offering a sustainable business model for its franchisees.

Now, the brand is looking forward to opening 50 more locations in 2017 and breaking the 200 unit milestone. And with their current expansion and momentum gained from increasing brand recognition, it’s clear that their growth is not only unstoppable, but well on its way to achieving even bigger landmark development numbers in the years ahead.

Six years ago was when Todd Devine first began looking at purchasing a fitness franchise. WORKOUT ANYTIME was brand new at the time, with only 22 locations. Back then, he decided to go with a different franchise that was a little more established. But recently, Devine saw an unmistakable shift in the fitness marketplace. And even though he owned another competing fitness brand, he decided to sell it and instead buy a WORKOUT ANYTIME franchise. That’s because, over the years, WORKOUT ANYTIME had gained tremendous traction in the industry, and he saw that the brand was outpacing its competition as it became more established throughout the country. Devine decided it was time to make the jump over to WORKOUT ANYTIME.  

Devine saw that the brand’s no-frills approach was giving people what they wanted--an in-and-out workout that was more convenient, flexible and cheaper, all without skimping on quality. He also saw that there were more opportunities for multi-unit ownership within their network, as the market was less saturated with WORKOUT ANYTIME locations.

“The economy and the mindset of gym-goers has changed. Gyms have to be competitive. People don’t want long term commitments and high membership fees. The WORKOUT ANYTIME model has what it takes to be competitive in this new fitness landscape,” Devine said.

Randy Trotter, Senior Vice President of Development for WORKOUT ANYTIME, agrees with Devine’s analysis of the current fitness landscape. Affordable for both customers and owners, the model is very attractive to potential owners.  

“People always pick us when they do their research. Our gyms are offering convenience, state of the art equipment and affordable packages while still being focused on results,” Trotter said.

WORKOUT ANYTIME’s semi-absentee business model has also emerged as one of the brand’s key differentiators and major model differentiators.

“WORKOUT ANYTIME’s semi-absentee business model offers a great quality of life. There is a minimal time commitment with large profit potential. Franchisees are able to keep their job and grow their business on the side. And with low overhead and only three employees needed to run a club, the model is easily scalable,” Trotter added.  

Their model is so scalable, in fact, that around 63 percent of their franchisees own multiple units. And there is plenty of room for expansion.

With this highly scalable business model and many opportunities for growth combined with the top-notch support systems, franchisees are positioned for success. With $150,000 down to own and third party financing and real estate assistance, starting out in the brand is easily attainable. WORKOUT ANYTIME University offers an immersive program to beginning franchisees, followed by continuous learning opportunities, including WOAT TV with weekly webinars. Field Op Support is made available should an owner need reinforcements. This level of support is all part of the commitment that WORKOUT ANYTIME has to their franchisees to help them achieve their lifestyle and financial goals.

This commitment to franchisee success and a scalable semi-absentee business model are precisely why WORKOUT ANYTIME is positioned to tremendous growth. With their focus on small to medium sized towns in underserved areas, the brand’s recognition will only grow as it continues to offer a simple and attractive alternative that stands out amongst the other amenity-overloaded fitness brands.