WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Low Investment Model Allows Franchisees to Take on Multiple Gyms at an Affordable Price
WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Low Investment Model Allows Franchisees to Take on Multiple Gyms at an Affordable Price

The brand’s proven value model is paving the way in the increasingly popular fitness segment of the franchising industry.

There’s no doubt that the fitness industry is booming. While health and wellness have always been concerns for American consumers, they’re now top of mind priorities for people across the country. But as the industry continues to grow, there’s one specific segment that stands out as the one to beat: value price gyms.

Designed to be convenient and affordable, value price gyms are the future of franchised fitness concepts. And WORKOUT ANYTIME, a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week franchise system with more than 100 units, is perfectly positioned to be the leading force driving the industry forward. Most WORKOUT ANYTIME franchise owners qualify for a club with only $150,000 down, providing a low investment model that opens the door for franchisees to pursue multi-unit ownership at an affordable price.

“The low investment fitness franchise models that brands like WORKOUT ANYTIME and Planet Fitness offer are destroying large national chains such as Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness. While they’re building their standalone gyms, we’re establishing a presence in local neighborhoods by popping up in shopping centers. And the number one reason why people pick a club is for convenience,” said Randy Trotter, vice president of development for WORKOUT ANYTIME. “Our low investment model is also fueling our growth from a development standpoint. Franchisees want to work with us because they can open up three WORKOUT ANYTIME gyms for the cost of one large club.”

Both prospective and existing franchisees are taking advantage of WORKOUT ANYTIME’s unique investment opportunity—more than 60 percent of the brand’s franchisees own multiple clubs. That’s because the brand goes above and beyond to ensure that its business model is affordable for local owners. In addition to its low initial investment, WORKOUT ANYTIME also has relationships with finance companies and prequalifies its prospective franchisees to ensure that they can get proper financing. And by typically securing nine months of free rent for its owners when they first open up a gym, the brand keeps costs down for its franchisees as soon as they ink their development deals.

Multi-unit owners are also attracted to WORKOUT ANYTIME’s model because it enables them to keep their day jobs. A lot of the brand’s franchisees operate as semi-absentee owners, ultimately proving them with an additional revenue stream. Because there isn’t a lot of inventory or employee management built into WORKOUT ANYTIME’s system, it’s easy for franchisees to add its business ownership opportunities to their plates.

“WORKOUT ANYTIME is a different kind of franchise. We offer freedom and lifestyle—our owners don’t necessarily need to be in their gyms every single day,” Trotter said. “As our low investment model continues to catch the attention of franchisees across the country, we’re excited to open up new clubs and take over a bigger piece of the rapidly growing fitness industry.”