WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Value Price Model Offers an Unbeatable Competitive Advantage
WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Value Price Model Offers an Unbeatable Competitive Advantage

The brand is at the forefront of the booming fitness industry’s fastest growing segment.

The fitness industry has never been more popular.

Living a healthy and active lifestyle isn’t just something people aspire to—it’s a tangible trend that’s evident among consumers across the country. And in an effort to boost their business, gyms and other fitness brands have been capitalizing on this heightened level of awareness. But it’s brands with value price models in place that have been seeing the most success. WORKOUT ANYTIME – the brand driving that booming segment forward—is no exception.

“When you take a look at the fitness industry, there are a variety of different players competing for consumers’ business. But even though there are major names like YMCA and LA Fitness that have been around for a while, it’s our segment that’s experiencing the fastest growth,” said Randy Trotter, senior vice president of development for WORKOUT ANYTIME. “The days of people wanting to pay through the roof for a gym membership are long gone. Value price models are the future of fitness, and WORKOUT ANYTIME is perfectly positioned to lead the charge.”

WORKOUT ANYTIME offers its customers an unmatched deal. For just $15 a month, the brand’s members gain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to every one of WORKOUT ANYTIME’s locations, as well as a complimentary session with a personal trainer. It’s clear that WORKOUT ANYTIME’s affordable model has not gone unnoticed—customers are walking through its doors at record rates. That’s then leading to higher revenues for local business owners, and more opportunities for nationwide growth.

Since 2011, WORKOUT ANYTIME has grown six-fold. The brand recently celebrated the grand opening of its milestone 100th location, solidifying the brand’s position as the up and coming one to beat in the fitness industry. That impressive growth rate is expected to continue in the months and years to come—WORKOUT ANYTIME plans to continue or outrun the pace it has set so far this year of opening up a new gym every week on average.

As more consumers take advantage of the brand’s value price model, and more business owners sign on to open their own locations, WORKOUT ANYTIME will open its second hundred locations at a record rate.

“Our concept is successful because fitness is the new medicine. People are living longer, and they want to be as healthy and active as possible. At WORKOUT ANYTIME, we open the door for them to make that goal a reality for the best possible price,” Trotter said.

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