Workout Anytime Targets Boise for New Gyms
Workout Anytime Targets Boise for New Gyms

The fitness franchise is seeking qualified new owners throughout the development market.

In Workout Anytime’s 20 years of business, the fitness brand has expanded consistently, establishing more than 160 locations in markets across the country. For the next stage of the franchise’s development strategy, Workout Anytime is targeting Boise, Idaho for a slate of new units across the market.

Boise is an untapped market for Workout Anytime, and the brand is moving quickly to take advantage of the opportunity. Chris Gately, the franchise’s area developer for the market, already has plans for seven locations in the area. Five of those locations will be owned by Boise’s first Workout Anytime franchisee, Susie Robinson.

“Susie and I will be opening five locations in the Treasure Valley area, and another franchisee is opening two more units in the greater Boise area,” Gately said.

And that’s just the start. Gately says the market can support many more units, and because Workout Anytime’s reciprocal club model allows customers to access any club with a single membership, franchisees don’t have to worry about competing with neighboring club owners.

Gates says Boise isn’t only underserved by Workout Anytime, it’s generally underserved by gyms in general, creating an opportunity for Workout Anytime owners to step in and dominate the market.

“We see a gap in service from competition throughout the area,” he said. “The market is wide open, and we’re excited to step in and fill that gap.”

That gap, Gately says, does not reflect the habits or desires of Boise’s consumers. “The town is full of people with all levels of experience in fitness, and they are looking for options that fit their routine,” he said.

And Workout Anytime is well-equipped to meet that demand, offering a model that “caters to all walks of life,” Gately said.

“From the equipment and coaches to the training courses and the High-Intensity Interval Training programs, we have something for everyone,” he said.

By streamlining their buildout, Workout Anytime not only offers more cardio and weight options in a smaller footprint, it also incorporates a number of amenities typically reserved for larger, more expensive gyms.

“We offer tanning and hydro-massage, which are big draws and not something you can typically find at this price point,” Gately said.

Because Workout Anytime’s operational model has been carefully refined and applied in markets across the country, new franchise owners are not required to have experience in the fitness industry. “Because the club footprints range from 6,000-9,000 square feet, not only are the build-out costs lower than typical competition, but equipment costs—both initially and for replacement overtime—are much lower”, said Mark de Gorter, Workout Anytime chief operating officer. For new clubs in Boise, Gately says he is primarily looking for people who fit the brand’s culture and see the value of the opportunity.

“Part of what we’re all about is treating our customers as family,” he said. “We want to work with owners who take that to heart. We’ve got the best programs and equipment money can buy and an incredibly high value-per-square-foot build out. You won’t find a better opportunity in fitne


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