WORKOUT ANYTIME Uses 2016's Momentum to Build Strength in 2017
WORKOUT ANYTIME Uses 2016's Momentum to Build Strength in 2017

A Powerful 2016 Sets Up the Fitness Franchise’s Most Successful Year Yet

As thousands of people flocked to WORKOUT ANYTIME's gyms throughout 2016, so too did entrepreneurs looking for a profitable business opportunity. 

That's why, as WORKOUT ANYTIME heads into 2017, it's doing so on a strong note, with 11 new openings set for the first three months alone. This strong development pipeline comes after a successful 2016, which saw the opening of an impressive 30 gym locations. Those openings helped the brand hit an important milestone--the opening of WORKOUT ANYTIME's 100th club in summer 2016, a number that has since been exceeded. 

WORKOUT ANYTIME attributes its success to the fact that it gives consumers exactly what they want in a gym. There isn’t an overwhelming need for frills like swimming pools and saunas—what really matters is access to state of the art fitness equipment at an affordable price. The brand has managed to integrate a boutique experience with 24/7 accessibility and even HIIT concepts into the WORKOUT ANYTIME model.

“Our commitment to the very best model available in the franchise fitness industry has helped separate WORKOUT ANYTIME from the crowded pack,” said Mark de Gorter, COO of WORKOUT ANYTIME. 

To help the brand stand out in the industry even further, WORKOUT ANYTIME has also introduced MX4, a small group High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) personal training program that’s been met with much excitement throughout the entire system. As one of the increasingly popular trends in the industry, the franchise is able to implement without taking up a large footprint. Nearly 20 existing clubs have launched the program, and every new unit moving forward will offer it as well.

WORKOUT ANYTIME has a huge advantage in the fitness sphere, having signed 35 units in 2016 to add to the existing 121. The brand continues to expand and is able to provide new business opportunities for growth-minded franchisees. More than 60 percent of the franchisees in the system are multi-unit franchisees, seeing the huge potential in operating multiple clubs. Furthermore, with experienced fitness veterans John Quattrocchi and Strickland at the helm of the company, WORKOUT ANYTIME is well-equipped to emerge as a frontrunner of value-price workout establishments in 2017.

“Word is getting out based on the success of our existing locations that this is a brand poised to explode across the country,” de Gorter said. “We keep it simple and remain dedicated to the basics, which has resonated in all of the communities where we’ve opened. We’re excited to enter more new states this year and are working with qualified franchisees to bring the WORKOUT ANYTIME model to even more before we close out the year.”

WORKOUT ANYIME’s impressive growth potential is powered by a passionate and growing system of franchisees looking to introduce quality fitness centers to more communities, whether in existing or new markets. For example, WORKOUT ANYTIME aims to expand in Florida and Illinois, where clubs are thriving. However, the brand is also exploring new territories, including top development market Milwaukee, which would mark the entry into Wisconsin altogether.

A testament to WORKOUT ANYTIME's continued success, the brand was also recently included on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list for the first time ever with a ranking of No. 12.

"The 24-hour model and the fitness franchise segment continues to build strength and rise in popularity, and as competitors sell out territories, WORKOUT ANYTIME is primed for huge national growth across the U.S.," de Gorter added. "If you look at our franchise model, it’s almost a bulletproof concept. The future of the fitness business is a based on value, and that's exactly where WORKOUT ANYTIME has found its sweet spot. Each one of our franchisees appreciates our model and it's clear that they're all making the most out of their opportunities.”