10 Tips for Appearing on National TV
10 Tips for Appearing on National TV

Appearing on national television has the power to increase general brand awareness, improve SEO and provide validation from outside of the company. But while the benefits of a national TV spot are clear, the process of securing and preparing for a segment can be daunting.

“Many people are afraid of being blindsided on live TV,” Brian Jaeger of PR firm No Limit Agency told us. He explained that even the most seasoned professionals may be nervous at the prospect of a live TV interview.

1851 Franchise spoke with No Limit’s Jaeger, Nick Powills and Lauren Kaminski to unlock the secrets of securing a coveted spot on national television and to learn how to navigate the experience like a pro. Here are their 10 most important tips for preparing for a national TV appearance.

  • “Do your homework. Understand which programs will cover your business and what angles are of interest to viewers. Everyone name drops Good Morning America, but in the franchising industry, your target candidate is most likely not watching that. Place a bigger emphasis on business programming.” - Kaminski
  • “Persistence. Producers get hundreds, if not thousands of pitches on a daily basis. Timing is everything.” - Powills
  • “Do something revolutionary, extremely creative or groundbreaking.” - Kaminski
  • “TV stations operate in an urgent timeframe; news today isn’t news tomorrow. Find hooks relevant to clients right here and now.” - Jaeger
  • “Have a great human-interest story. Too often brands pitch national stories that lack a great human-interest angle.” - Powills
  • “Be ready and willing to talk about controversial issues on the air.” - Kaminski
  • “Television is a visual medium. It helps to have compelling personalities that are comfortable in front of a camera.” - Jaeger
  • “Finding the right producer for your story is very important.” - Kaminski
  • “Be prepared to comment on topical news, including industry and category announcements.” - Kaminski
  • “Know the brand, know the executive and have a clear idea of what you are seeking to get out of the segment.” - Jaeger

With the right positioning, research and preparation, a brand can see unique benefits from these segments. 

“At the end of the day, national TV provides credibility and authority, proving that a brand and/or idea is seen as valuable or noteworthy by a high-profile third party,” said Powills.