5 predictions on where marketing is headed
5 predictions on where marketing is headed

Navigate the new frontier of marketing with these tips.

The landscape of the marketing industry is constantly evolving, and sometimes the roadmap can’t change fast enough. 1851 is revealing five predictions on where marketing is headed to help guide you on the path to becoming a marketing guru.

Storytelling will go visual. Sure, your news feed has been clogged with pictures of your friends’ kids and Pinterest fails for half an eternity, but soon businesses will be ramping up on visual-based posts across all social media channels. Rich content like images, videos and infographics has become a mainstay in digital marketing and captures the eye more effectively than snappy slogans or clickbait links.

Knowledge will be power. Rather than veiling product origins and trade secrets with smoke and mirrors (that secret sauce is more concerning than compelling, huh?), brands will become more transparent in a bid to allure audiences. By building a knowledgeable and loyal community around a brand, businesses can establish an educated longtime customer base.

Analytics will pave the path to the future. From social media growth to demographic breakdowns, analytics have become a goldmine for relevant marketing data. Once this wealth of information is interpreted, your business’ marketing strategy can adopt a more holistic approach. As data acquisition becomes easier and faster, analytics will become even more crucial when developing and analyzing marketing campaigns.

Original content will reign supreme. Marketing pros have realized the outstanding potential of content curation in target marketing, and this space will continue to grow as an advertising resource. As the general public garners a more discerning eye in regards to media consumption, publishers have developed a keener sense for the content that they publish. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter schemes; personalized content is marketing’s new frontier.

Marketers will be vying for inboxes. Our digital networks continue to grow at a rapid pace as technological developments permeate and social media networks expand their sprawl. This heightened sense of connection has resulted in a strong emphasis on localized content. Individuation and personalization will transform the effectiveness of global marketing and become a key to success.