5 tips for creating an employee-centric culture
5 tips for creating an employee-centric culture

When it comes to latest trends in the corporate structure, power has shifted back to the people.

In a professional climate that encourages progressive management strategies, digital nomadism and an emphasis on work-life balance, “culture” has become a buzzword. While a culture must be tailored to the goals and mission of a company, one overarching concept that unifies many companies redefining their cultures is an employee-focused outlook.

Looking to revamp your office ethos? Here are five tips for creating an employee-centric culture.
Start from square one. Employees should be able to easily identify the company culture and feel appreciated from Day One onward. Welcoming new employees with open arms and a consistent attitude will allow them to acclimate quicker and become more thoroughly ingrained in the company as a whole. Debrief all newcomers on every aspect of the company, from financials to career outlook to benefits. This consistency and candor will translate into a satisfied, successful employee.
Build around recognition. A recognized employee is a satisfied employee is a longtime employee. Sing praises to employees’ contributions to the company and afford them perspective on how their output affects their productivity and quality of work. Positive reinforcement will encourage a culture of success and appreciation.
Foster a respectful work environment. Seems like a no-brainer, huh? While treating others with respect is a maxim both inside and outside of the workplace, it is still not a standard practice. A zero-tolerance for disrespect can revitalize a company culture and make employees feel more significant within the corporate structure. A culture of mutual esteem can also encourage an open forum throughout the company, breeding more open expression and exchange of ideas.
Establish strong communication practices. In order for a company culture to be cohesive, information must flow freely through all echelons. Differentiating between topics necessitating a quick email, a formal meeting or a brief aside will help encourage information exchange and make employees more involved in the general processes of the company. An accurate and speedy communication flow will also increase overall transparency, giving employees much-needed perspective.
Encourage collaboration. Some of the most fruitful concepts are yielded from collaboration, an element integral in an employee-centric culture. By creating a culture that thrives on employee camaraderie and collaboration, employees will feel more personally invested in the company’s mission and more inclined to offer up their talents. Establishing an open forum for coworkers to combine their strong suits will create an overall stronger and more satisfied company.