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Anchored Tiny Homes: 7 Essential Skills to Run a Successful Business

On this episode of The Paulhus Podcast, Anchored Tiny Homes CEO Colton Paulhus discusses seven skills that are essential to entrepreneurship, from setting a vision to persevering in the face of hardship.

By Erica InmanStaff Writer
SPONSORED 9:09AM 04/22/24

Colton Paulhus, CEO of Anchored Tiny Homes and Anchored Brands, recently shared his insights on the skills required to run a successful business on his podcast, The Paulhus Podcast

According to Paulhus, there are seven skills that are essential to entrepreneurship: setting a vision; being hungry for success; having a never-quit mentality; loving the process; seeing what others don’t; taking responsibility; and always persevering.

Here are some highlights from the episode.

Setting a Vision Bigger Than Yourself

Paulhus emphasized the importance of setting a vision bigger than yourself. 

“You're somebody that's setting the vision for your company; that vision has to be big, right? Because ultimately you have to have great people to join that vision,” Paulhus said. “So you have to understand that you're going to need to build a vision that they can fit their own dreams and their own goals inside of.”

This approach not only attracts great talent but also fulfills the dreams of employees and creates a purpose-driven culture. 

Leadership and Responsibility

Paulhus underscored the responsibility of business owners to set the tone and direction for their companies. 

“It's always your fault as a leader; it always rests on your shoulders,” he said. 

Perseverance and Enjoying the Process

Paulhus highlighted the necessity of having a hunger for greatness and a never-quit mentality. He also encouraged individuals to love the process of pursuing their goals, emphasizing the importance of embracing the day-to-day grind and finding fulfillment in overcoming challenges. Additionally, he advocated for seeing beyond current circumstances and envisioning future opportunities, which requires a great deal of perseverance, especially in the face of hardship.

“There's going to be hard times and you just have to make up your mind that you're going to go through whatever it takes. You're going to continue to push forward regardless of the circumstances and regardless of the obstacles,” said Paulhus. “If you want to be an entrepreneur it's going to be hard, but just keep pushing.”

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